Spaceport «EAST». Go On!

A documentary about a new modern space center, which is located in the Amur Region in the Far East. According to domestic experts, "East" has become a symbol of the Russian space independence and surpassed all modern space area in the world.

Lace of temptation

Lingerie and its role in world history based upon the collection of honored artist of Russia Viktor Sevryukova.

Anna Herman. Echo of love

After the performance at the festival in San Remo, Anna Herman became famous all over the world. However, Italy has become a fatal place for the singer...

Afghanistan. The point of no return

This film is an attempt to look at the events, that took place thirty years ago from the point of view of an ordinary Moscow student .

Ekatherina III

The Minister of Culture Ekaterina Furtseva made a spectacular career - from the factory machine to the rostrum at the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Her death is still shrouded in mystery.

I am - Volf Messing

The supernatural abilities of Wolf Messing brought him money and fame, made him one of the most mysterious characters of the twentieth century.

USA police

In American movies, the police - is almost "supermen". Our crew found that the ordinary everyday life of "their" police officers are different from movies.

Dangerous voyage

The cruise ship "Mikhail Lermontov" sank in 1986 near the coast of New Zealand. The mystery of the wreck of the ship is not solved until now...


During the construction of the Rybinsk reservoir an ancient Russian city of Mologa was flooded. 294 residents refused to leave their homes and were flooded with the city...


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