Film companies "AVK production" and "Pike" started preparing the shootings of the eight-series melodrama for First Channel. "Angels of the District" is a story about the family of Shumakovs who are working on the improvement of the whole district. Mom is the head of the management company, the father is a doctor in the district clinic, and the son works as a precinct policeman. Dealing with the problems of neighbors, the Shumakovs family do not notice how, because of internal turmoil, a once-prosperous family is on the verge of collapse...
Scriptwriter - M. Belozor. Director - Dito Tsintsandze.

The premiere of two series melodramas


The premiere of two series melodramas "Parisian" on TV Center channel. This is a film about a young woman who left Russia, when she was young to live in France. After the death of her husband, Tatiana returned to her hometown. Guillaume bequeathed her everything, but on one condition: within a year Tanya should marry a Russian ... 
More information about the project: http://avk-tv.com/parizhanka.html

The premiere of our show


The premiere of our show "Invisible Man" on TV-3. Comedian Dmitry Khrustalev confused our experts. Initially, the specialists saw the star in the form of a charming girl with magnificent forms, but at the end of the program they figured out that the guest in the secret room was a man. 
More information about the show: http://avk-tv.com/nevidimka.html

The new episode of our mystical show


The new episode of our mystical show "Invisible Man" on TV-3. The guest in the studio - "white witch" Nicole Kuznetsova. The girl decided that she came to the battle of psychics and immediately challenged all our experts. 
How the fight ended and more information about the show, please see here: http://avk-tv.com/nevidimka.html

The premiere of our film


The premiere of our film "The Season of Planting" on TV Center channel. The story occurred in a small town. The main heroine Vera works in the publishing house as an editor of detectives. While her girlfriends are be involved in a romantic relationship at the resorts, the girl prefers a secluded vacation at her country house. But her plans, to calmly plant zucchini, will not come true. In the village under strange circumstances, a neighbor dies .... 
More information about the project: http://avk-tv.com/sezon.html


Congratulations to all the men! Happy Defender of the Fatherland!



On "TV Center" channel will show our melodrama "Pearl wedding". A movie story about the Chaikin couple who lived together for thirty happy years. But after the anniversary of the family life, their relations cracked at the seams.
More information about the movie: http://avk-tv.com/svadba.html

In the secret room of our show


In the secret room of our show "Invisible Man" one of the brightest stars of the domestic theater and cinema is Daria Moroz. Our experts saw that for the sake of the role the actress is ready not only to radically change the image, but also work during the the disease.
For more information please tap here: http://avk-tv.com/nevidimka.html

In the new issue of the mystical show


In the new issue of the mystical show "Invisible Man" the star of the sitcoms, Vitaly Gogunsky. The actor admitted that he was a great skeptic and never turned to psychics. Our experts saw that the artist is not satisfied with his life and dreams of greater glory.
For more information about the show "Invisible Man": http://avk-tv.com/nevidimka.html



On "TV Center" channel our melodrama "More than a doctor". A story about a doctor with a big heart. The main character loves her work, her patients are idolized her, but in her private life the doctor a black streak begins. Despite all the troubles, the woman manages to save the marriage and become happy ....
More information: http://avk-tv.com/vrach.html

Right now, on air at the


Right now, on air at the "TV Center" TV channel our melodrama "Freshman". The story unfolds in a small provincial town. Here, in one micro district the teacher Vera and her daughter Alisa live. The girl graduates with honors, but suddenly an exemplary girl, who is waiting for an interview at MGIMO, throws everything and runs away from home. Mom intends to save her daughter's future career and is decided on an adventure.
More information about the move you can find here: http://avk-tv.com/pervokursniza.html



On "TV Center" channel our melodrama "Communal appartment". The story of Anna, who begins with the ideal picture: a wealthy husband, a country house, a son studies at the prestigious university. Suddenly Anna's husband dies, "not good realtors" come across her and the usual world collapses. A woman has to get used to a new life and again learn to be happy... 
Read more: http://avk-tv.com/e_kommunalka.html

The premiere of our comedy series


The premiere of our comedy series "Neighbors" on the NTV TV channel. From the 2nd to the 7th of January the viewer will see a funny story of the relationship between the two families: Russian and American. The protagonist - Bill moved to the Russian outback to run the plant, he settled in an unfinished elite village, in the cottage in front of thier house - only one Russian family. Despite different traditions and way of life, neighbors try to find a common language. 
More information about the series: http://avk-tv.com/e_sosedi.html

Dear friends, the New Year 2018 is coming!


Dear friends, the New Year 2018 is coming! Our creative team congratulates everyone on the holiday and wishes all the very best, peace, prosperity and success in everything! Let the New Year be brightfull and joyful. We send off the old year and thank it for the wonderful time we had spent with his colleagues and partners! This year our company has shot five new films and serials: three pictures have already been seen by the Russian audience, another two premieres will be held in 2018. We wish all of us more and more interesting films in the New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In the studio of the show


In the studio of the show "Invisible Man" - girl-scandal Diana Shurygina. The woman was at all federal television channels of the country. Some people hates her, others protects. Our experts brought Diana to the "clean water" and found out why she was being pursued by scandals. 
More information here: http://avk-tv.com/e_nevidimka.html

The new guest of the show


The new guest of the show "Invisible Man" is the artist Aristarkh Venes. The star of the series for the youth - at the TV-show had opened from an unexpected side. The actor is afraid of getting closer with people and also serious relationship. Our experts have found many other phobias in the actor. 
More information: http://avk-tv.com/e_nevidimka.html



On "TV Center Channel" has showed our 4-series lyric comedy "Yurochka". This story begins with the fact that the main character, a successful businessman Yuri, all the time recalls his "hungry" youth with light sadness. A young man goes to the far village and meets his fate there. 
More details about the film: http://avk-tv.com/e_urochka.html

The long-awaited premiere of our youth series


The long-awaited premiere of our youth series "Red Bracelets" on the "STB" TV channel. While the 12-episode film about teenagers in the hospital saw the Ukrainian audience, but not far off the premiere in Russia on the "First Channel".
The film is based on real events. "Red bracelets" - is a Catalan's TV series, and we filmed the Russian adaptation. Alberto Espinoza, the author of the book and film, wrote the script in the footsteps of his personal drama. At the age of 14, he fell ill with oncology, but, despite the difficult diagnosis, he recalls this difficult time for himself with bright joy and sadness. Therefore, the film and self-titled book by Alberto turned out about the friendship and love of teenagers in the hospital.
Director of the Russian adaptation Natalia Meshchaninova (at the festival "Movement") received two awards at once: for the best picture and director's work. "Red bracelets" also has visited the "Odessa International Film Festival".
More information you can find here http://avk-tv.com/e_brasleti.html


The star of the modern TV series - Pavel Trubiner have decided to find out his future and came to the show "Invisible Man". The actor almost does not give interviews and rarely appears on secular parties. Our experts feel that in the secret room a romantic idealist who is afraid of not realizing in the profession. 
For more information please: http://avk-tv.com/e_nevidimka.html

The premiere of our project


The premiere of our project "Wind of changes" on the TVC channel. The audience watched the melodramatic story that happened in the Russian outback. Everything is as usual: a woman brought up her son all her life. Once in their family comes the news of the death of the father of a young man. The guy goes to another city to bid farewell to the parent. But it turns out that my father did not die at all, yes, and, not his father at all... 
Details of the plot, photos from the set: http://avk-tv.com/e_veter.html

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