This Friday the guest of revelations' show "The Invisible Man" will become one of the most beautiful women in the Soviet Union, the TV presenter and actress Tatyana Vedeneyeva. What does the famous "Aunt Tanya" hide from her young fans for the whole life?


Filming of the ninth season of the show "The Invisible Man" is finished. Thanks to everybody!


In the studio of program "The Invisible Man" - a wonderful theater and film actor Valery Garkalin. Who of experts manage to solve the mystery guest?


The audition a four-series film in the genre of melodrama, "Pearl wedding" began. Director - Oleg Strom.


The shooting of the ninth season of the TV show "The Invisible Man" began in the Glavkino pavilion. The guests of the program were the actors: Dmitriy Marjanov Artem Mikhalkov, TV presenter Olga Shelest, singer Aziza, Irina Saltykova and Olga Orlova, composer and singer Arkady Ukupnik and singers Viktor Saltykov and Avraam Russo.


Criminalist, magician, fortune teller, a psychologist, a palmist and shaman are continue to reveal the innermost secrets of the invisible guest. This evening in the "Invisible Man" - the singer who is missing on TV for a long time - Linda. What is new, we learn about it?


Today, in the secret room of the show "The Invisible Man" - actress Ekaterina Volkova-Limonov. What made the actress to cry right on show?


At gunpoint of the experts of the program  - TV presenter Olga Buzova. What hides the star of "House-2", even from those closest to? Check it on air!


The guest of the next show "The Invisible Man" became an actor Kirill Safonov. Do you think,  the experts of the program will be able to surprise the incredulous and closed actor?


The casting for four series melodrama "The Portrait of a favorite" begins. Director - Kira Angelina.


The premiere of the new, the 9th season of the popular show "The Invisible Man" on the channel TV3. The guest of the program is the singer Masha Rasputina. How will the scandalous actress acepts the truth about yourself? Why she refuses to disclose her age, calls the experts' analysis - nonsense and promises to blow up the studio?


Тhe premiere of four series' melodrama "Yurochka" produced by AVK Production. Director - Kira Angelina. Actors - Irina Lachin Aleksandr Arseniev


In the broadcast of TVC channel - four series' melodrama "Communal Apartment", produced by AVK Production. Director - Anario Mammadov. Actors - Dmitry Miller, Ekaterina Volkova.


Happy New Year, dear colleagues! We wish you the new creative victories, love, good fortune, peace for all of us! Thanks to everyone who was with us in 2015, and see you soon in 2016 on new projects!


The premiere of four-series "Communal apartments" at TVC channel. Congratulations to everyone who made this wonderful good movie!


We finished shooting of the joint project of AVK production and the Moscow Film School - the teaser of the new series - "Obsessed". "For me and my partner Olga Volodina a joint project with the Moscow Film School was the ability to see several directorial concepts and new ideas to look at the young creative personnel, - says the founder and producer of the production company AVK Elena Kotunova. - For us, as a production company, it is also important to understand that the young directors are not only creative, but also prepared for the realities of modern manufacturing. We did not do an excuse for an age or for an experience of the students, the requirements for the creative teams were presented quite serious. " 


Shootings teaser of the new project of the company - a mystical detective "Obsessed". The project employed four teams MFS students studying in the faculties of "Film directing", "Production", "Cinematography", "Art Direction".


This Friday guest of revelations show "Invisible Man" will be the sex symbol of the Soviet era, theater and film actress Tatyana Lyutaeva. What did not want to talk in the studio famous actress about?


Start of collaboration project of AVK production and the Moscow Film School. The students of the school will shoot a teaser of the new project of the company - Series "Anomaly", as a course film.    


The shooting of the 8th season of the television show "Invisible Man" was finished.

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