The singer Tatyana Bulanova  became the hero of this episode of the show "The Invisible Man". How will the experts of the program surprise a relaxed and balanced singer? 


The shooting of the 4th season of the show "The Invisible Man" are finished. Guests of the program are: the star of Russian sports, skaters Natalia Bestemyanova and Maria Butyrskaya, singers Lolita and Angelika Varum, singers Igor Nikolaev and Dmitry Malikov, composer and producer Victor Drobysh ...


Legendary producer Bari Alibasov is the guest of Evelina Bledans - the anchorwoman of the show "The Invisible Man" . Would the experts be able to convince Bari Karimovich that subtle world still exists?


The shooting of the 4th season (10 episodes) the TV show "The Invisible Man" has started .


Every Friday at primetime on channel TV3 - show "Invisible Man." Today in the Chamber of Secrets - writer of detective novels Daria Doncova. Could the experts unravel detective her own life?  


Why the football player Vyacheslav Malafeev used the veto during the filming of the program? Check it today on television show "The Invisible Man" on channel TV3!


Started the preparation period of the series "Alenka from Pochitanki (4 episodes)." Christmas comedy, based on a real case.  


Today at the "Invisible Man" TV-show - the politician and TV anchorperson Irina Khakamada.


Company "Aquilon film" signed the agreement with Dori Media International GMBH on international distribution of television show "The Invisible Man". TV-Show "The Invisible Man" has been successfully on air on channel TV3 since 8 February 2013. Original format created by Michael Krikunenko, Elena Kotunovoy, Olga Volodina. 


The guest of the Secret Room is the most popular Russian actor Emmanuil Vitorgan. How will the experts will guess who is in the room? 


Today the inivisible man will become a singer, actress, tv-host and the most wonderfull woman Natasha Koroleva. What are experts going to reveal? 


Today in «The Invisible Man» you will see how the experts at once compared the world champion in boxing and politican Nikolay Valuev to an … alien. 


Summer's almost gone and the most mysterious show on Russian television is coming back. Today the guest in the Secret room is a famous Russian director and actor Andrey Sokolov. He is very popular among women but does not agree that he is a super star. 


AVK Production and Film.UA start to develop a Russian version of Spanish series «The Red Band Soceity”. 


Shootings of the 3d season of “The Invisible Man” are over.


Shootings of the film are over. Post-production period of the American Police documentary film begun. 


AVK Production bought an option and receive a permission to produce a russian version of Spanish series «The Red Band Society» (Polseres Vermelles). The main plot of the drama is about a group of teenagers (from 8 to 17 years old) who become close friends in the hospital. Inspite of their serious illnesses, these children try to forget about their problems and live as they are absolutely healthy. That drama series have a share of 20% on TV3 in Spain. Moreover, in the US the drama will be adapted by Dreamworks.  


AVK Production together with Pan Ars studio begin to shoot the third season of entertainment show The Invisible Man. Our guests are Nikolay Valuev, Darya Doncova, Alena Sviridova, Irina Hakamada, Alexandr Peskov an others famous Russian celebrities. 


After four days in LA and dozens of arrests and chases our film crew moved to Boston. Right now the crew is working as the scene where the Boston terror attack occurred. 


AVK Production's film crew arrived to Los-Angeles and after morning briefing with Newton Gang Division they got involved in a chase in a high crime area in the city. Today our guys are supposed to do ride-a-longs with patrol officers and take emergency calls all night. Good luck and be careful!  

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