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Without witnesses

Adaptation of the Israeli series "BE TIPUL" («In Treatment»)

Creator of the original version - Hagai Levi

Original format - Sheleg Production Ltd

The series "BE TIPUL" adapted in the U.S., Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

This is a new type of a series. The viewer becomes a witness to a certain kind of openness of the characters, which is only possible during a psychotherapy session. Each episode corresponds to a specific day of the week, during which, a specific patient visits the psychotherapist.

Tatyana Dubrovina helps her clients transform their inner “I” and their relationship with the world. However, there is a big responsibility on the psychotherapist. The results of the therapy can be very different. The relationship with her clients also has an impact the psychotherapist’s personal life. By helping others, would she be able to help herself?

Genre: Psychological Drama

Running time: 26 minutes

Written by:
Yael Hedaya

Adaptation of original text:
Valentin Spiridonov
Maxim Belozor
Andrey Berezhany
Svetlana Zelenova

Ilya Malkin

Director of Photography:
Sergei Mokritsky
Peter Dukhovskoi

Set Designer:
Julia Charandaeva

Executive producer:
Alexey Marchenko

Elena Afanasyeva
Olga Volodina
Elena Kotunova

Ksenia Kutepova
Ilya Lyubimov
Andrey Ilyin
Dmitry Orlov
Daria Moroz
Andrey Barilo
Andrey Kazakov
Alexandra Revenko
Nadezhda Kamenkovich

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