Women's version. The mystery of Bolshevytsky pereulok

Tanya is the granddaughter of a well-known Moscow investigator, she decided, to follow the footsteps of her grandfather instead of the legal profession. The girl graduated from law school and went to the police for internship. The dream to investigate criminal cases came true on the very first working day. The resounding ''on-line' murder of the famous video blogger turned out to be connected with the investigation, that the grandfather of the main character led in Soviet times. Step by step, Tanya is approaching a solution of the crime, that the whole country saw live... After Tanya helped to find the killer, the authorities decided that this success was an accident. But in spite of the condescending tone to the “newcomer,” the girl is involved in the investigation of the new mysterious crime with the wording: “Let her learn.” The corpse of a young man was kidnapped, the “thread” leads to a robbery of a collector’s car. By coincidence, this incident resembles a case stored in the archives of Tanya's grandfather, which the Moscow investigator unraveled in Soviet times ...

Detective, thriller . 4 series.

Script writers:
Anastasiya Maksimova
Vladlen Maksimov

Valery Ivanovskaya

Director of photography:
Evgeniy Speshilov

Set Designer:
Atsamaz Dzivayev

Executive Producers:
Papuna Pipia
Mikhail Volodin

Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Sophia Ardova
Kirill Zhandarov
Vladislav Kanopka
Ilya Korobko
Galina Sazonova
Anatoly Kotenev
Nikolay Ivanov
Valeria Moiseeva
and others


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