Битва Интерьеров

Battle of Interiors

Two families have one week to re-decorate one room in their apartment. Each family comes up with their own design project: chooses a layout, color and texture of the walls, furniture, appliances, and decoration...and with the help of professional designers and construction workers their ideas become a reality.

The camera captures the whole process: the worries of the participants before and during the construction, disputes, conflicts, disagreements, communication with the construction workers and the designers, the purchase of materials, furniture and decor.The host constantly stirs the spirit of competition between the family members and the rivals.

The work of the contestants is evaluated by the star judges - two well known designers and an actress.

The winning family gets a prize - a family trip to some of the most beautiful cities of the world!

After each episode, the TV viewers vote for their favorite contestant on the STS website.

Genre: TV show

Running time: 48 minutes


Elena Perova

тел. 8(495)681-62-35

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