Afghanistan. The point of no return

This film is about a life which never happened. Or, to be exact - about a life, which ended. Reality and fantasy, footage of interviews and reflections of a woman are weaved into an inextricable fabric of a narrative.

This film is about how a political decision made on December 12, 1979 during a meeting of Politburo, changed the lives of people and the country for decades to come, and became a point of no return for a generation, which was a part of the late '80s, as well as the entire Soviet system which did not stand the test of the Afghan war.

The film "Afghanistan. Point of no return "- is an attempt to look at the events of thirt years ago from our time, through the eyes of an ordinary student from Moscow. The ending of the movie will be a complete surprise for the viewers and will change the view about the reality completely.

Genre: docu-drama

Running time: 2 episodes of 52 minutes

Written by:
Nicholas Ageev
Constantine Lobankov

Igor Kholodkov

Director of Photography:
Sergei Mokritsky

Production Designer:
Leonid Kipnis

Darin Sysoev

Executive Producer:
Ilya Malkin

Creator and creative producer:
Elena Afanasyeva

Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Producers of Channel One Russia:
Oleg Volnov
Svetlana Kolosova

Julia Mayboroda
Catherine Spitz
Andrei Dementiev
Vladimir Yumatov
Artem Krestnikov
Sergei Shekhovtsev
Ilya Obolonkov
Dmitry Blokhin
Igor Kartashov
Anton Schurz

Also in the film:

Anatoly Gromyko, son of Andrei Gromyko, from 1976 to 1991 - Director of the Institute of African Studies

Oleg Grinevsky, from 1978 to 1983 - Head of Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR

Yury Kostin, in the 80s. - Translator-interpreter for the principal military adviser in Afghanistan

Pyotr Goncharov in 1979 - Translator-interpreter at the Joint Military School "Harbi Puhantun"

Lev Jakobson, in 1979 - Senior Lecturer of Economic Faculty at MGU

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