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Black mountain

An experienced detective of the Investigative Committee - Alexander Krechet retires and decides to settle in the Crimea. Walking along the seashore, he saves an unknown guy from the water, who is recognized as a local young man who disappeared 25 years ago, but has not grown old... The main character begins to delve into the circumstances of a seemingly mystical case...


Valeria works as a psychiatrist in a St. Petersburg hospital. She does her best to help the amnesiac patient remember who he is and what happened to him. And she doesn’t even realize that this will turn into a mortal danger for her...


There is 1968, Southern coast of Crimea. The local district police officer Savchenko investigateы the circumstances of the murder: a girl who came on holiday with friends, has died after falling off a cliff. There are no witnesses. What really happened: murder or accident?

Perfect murder

1968 The district police officer Savchenko is investigating an emergency in a sanatorium for the Soviet nomenklatura elite. He is sure that the death of a young woman is not an accident and not a party conspiracy, as KGB officers believe, but a murder.


Varya works as a landscape designer and the company instructs her to equip a garden in a luxurious estate. However, barely having time to look around on the spot, the girl becomes the main suspect in the murder of the owner of the house...


How to live in a parallel universe if you are dead? The main characters of the «Movers» series have discovered this secret and live in a new body every day. But how to fix the mistakes that was been made in one particular life they were given?

Re-write love

Marina finds out, that her beloved husband is cheating on her. The main character arrenges an appointment with her husband's mistress. However, a surprise awaits her in the cafe: this is not a marriage wrecker, who sits at the table, but her former lover...

Birch grove

It's 1985 outside. The main character got a job as a tutor of the professor's grandson and find herself in a closed off village of the Soviet nomenklatura, where she became an unwitting witness to the murder...

Birch grove. Second film

It's 1985. The main character continues to work as a tutor for a professor's grandson in a closed village of the Soviet nomenklatura, where she becomes involved in a fatal story once again.

Taiga’s detective

Lieutenant-colonel Yartsev came to a small taiga town to make a career. Senior police lieutenant Tatyana does not agree with the harsh style of his leadership and intends to re-educate the new chief.

Сarried away

Ivan was a sportsman, had an accident, and could not return to sports, he began to drink. The hero tries to "quit" alcohol, improve family relations, but he is not very successful in this...

Love and other illusions

Lada wants to turn into a bitch from the shy housewife. She finds a suitable man for training, but in practice, it turns out to be more and more difficult...

Darling of fortune

The son of a famous restaurateur was sure, that he can do anything he wants: walk out, be rude, and not pay the bills. His father decides to put an end to this and sends his offspring to re-education - be a waiter in a restaurant...

At the same bed

The ambitious chief editor of the Internet channel is preparing to launch a reality show that shows life of two families under the cameras. But before the launch, "force majeure" happens, and Varya herself has to portray the happy wife of Leva - the technician, and the happy mother of his son and one accidentally girl.

At the same time

Mother and daughter become pregnant at the same time, but carefully hide their condition from each other. And also, from the grandmother. But the grandmother, a fast investigator, quickly subject her daughter and granddaughter to the glare of truth. And her task is to find fathers now, about whom neither daughter nor granddaughter wants to hear.

Robinson's Wife

The spouse, who had disappeared during vacation in Thailand, returns to the family. But the trouble is - the wife was just about to marry his best friend...


The sister from Kuban against a sister from Rublyovka - a confrontation that last for 20 years. After a long separation, the sisters decide to find out whose husband is cooler and whose life is better.

Marry Me

This is a story about beauty Vika, who is arrogant, but have a cold heart and sober calculation. She wants to prove to her friend that she can even marry a misogynist. However, she herself finds herself in a "love trap".


The most unlucky policeman works in one of the district police departments. He gets into trouble every day, not only at work, but also in everyday life. The mysterious lady corrects the situation, but sets before him one impossible condition.


There was a battle with a conscience, in the life of a selfish bachelor. Everything happened almost like in fairy tales for adults: a busty blonde appeared out of the ground in his apartment and declared that she was Conscience and would not go away...


The girl works at the liquor factory as a process engineer and creates the best vodka in the world. But instead of recognition and fame, she receives a millionth fine and dismissal from her work.


Stas and Olya decide to save up for the wedding by renting two rooms in Stas's three-bedapartment... From that day on, their life changes dramatically, and the question is - will there be a wedding? - becomes very relevant.

Blinding Turn

A married couple Alisa and Vitaly Romanov live happily, raise a son, 10 years own the successful stunt agency Drift. But overnight, this idyll collapses - Vitaly dies during the filming...


The investigation of two murders in a forest, leads Tanya to the holder of a dangerous game for adults. The main character finds a similar case in her grandfather's archive. Tanya, in order to find the criminal, has to participate in the quest and expose herself the mortal danger.

Sign of an owl

Tanya's mother returns to Moscow to introduce her daughter and Lara to her fiancé. However, the wedding ment not to take place. The future spouse gets at the epicenter of the investigation, that is led by Tanya: a young man was killed, he used to help others get rid of drug addiction and made many enemies.

The cleaner

Tanya is investigating a new crime, under the leadership of Major Romanovsky. The body of a young girl was found, without traces of violent death among industrial waste at one of the dumps in Moscow.

Komsomol affair

Big changes are taking place in the departmentm, where Tanya works: Ivan quits after a conflict with Romanovsky. Tanya and Nikita dislike thier new boss actively, but they continue to handle a matter.

Green sparklelight taxi

Tanya's attitude to the new boss, Major Romanovsky, is wary, and her collegue Ivan has a conflict with him as well. At this time, on a tip from an informant, the operatives discover a bag with a severed woman's head.

Catchers of souls

Tanya, together with her co-workers Ivan and Nikita, are investigating a "mystical" case", to which Major Romanovsky is connected. The new employee take the place of Zuev, who gets in the hospital.

The Secret of the Party Country house

Tanya starts an unofficial investigation: she searches for the missing young girl, and finds out that the maniac is operating in the city. Also she becomes a suspect after she discovers the corpse of an unknown man in her own country house.

Purely Soviet murder

Tanya investigates two high-profile crimes at once. The first is a matter of honor: two policemen are poisoned with poison, the second is connected with the murder of a Moscow lawyer.

Romantic from the USSR

Tanya is investigating a very mysterious crime related to the murder of a girl. The main character comes to her relatives to tell them about the tragedy, but the parents are sure that their daughter has not been alive for several years.

Time and the glass

The guide instructs Tanya to investigate a new case, which is associated with the murder of a private detective. Suddenly, her partner Ivan is under suspicion.

Grandfather’s granddaughter

Tanya is the granddaughter of the legendary Soviet Union's investigator - Viktor Vasilyev, after graduating from law school, she decided to follow the footsteps of her grandfather instead of becoming a lawyer. The girl went to work for the police.

The baker and the beauty

Andrew works in a small family business: bake cakes in the Moscow's suburb. Sasha Larina is a superstar that does not come off the covers of glossy magazines. But one day their paths intersect...

Red Bracelets

The series about teenage life in a children's hospital. This is where they take the challenges of fate: grow up, learn the true friendship and love.

This is Me!

"Doc-selfie", "documentary soap opera", "documentary series" - which of these definitions is better suited to the project, "This is Me!" - time will tell. Eight ordinary women who take off their lives on camera every day got into the new TV format.


In a typical Moscow apartment a young Voronins family lives: a sport journalist Konstantin, his wife Vera and their four children. And all would be nothing, but neighbors across the hallway - the parents of Kostya...

Without witnesses 2

The psychologist can not recover after a wife's death. Recommencing of private practice - finds peace of mind.

Without witnesses

The woman psychologist has a private practice. Doctor saves the patients from the "inner dragons", sometimes getting into the epicenter of their personal dramas.

French Chef

One ordinary French girl falls in love with a simple Russian guy and moves for his love ... from Paris to Taganrog.

Alenka from Pochitanka

The teacher from the Siberian village - clever and beautiful - was called to Moscow to participate in the program "Treasure Island". Since then, the girl's life changes radically.

Communal apartment

Caught in a difficult situation, Anna follows the advice of the dishonest realtor. As a result, she becomes homeless...


A young woman works as nannie at her rich relatives. There is a kidnapping of a 2-year-old kid had happened: the girl was alone and could not stop the criminals. With this guilt, Anya lives for many years. Once a chance meeting from the past gave her a chance to change everything...

More than a doctor

The district physician Ludmila - a doctor blessed by the God heal the sick, the lonely hear. Lyudmila stays at work all day and night. Husband and daughter - her reliable rear. But once, the betrayal of a spouse destroys family's idyll...


A teacher Vera and her daughter Alice live in one provincial town. The girl graduated from high school with honors. Alice is waiting for an interview at MGIMO, but she falls in love and runs away from home... Mom, trying save the education of her daughter, goes on an adventure...

Strangers and Dearest

A classic love triangle: the husband fools around with a young mistress. Suddenly he dies and does not resolve the situation. On the day of his funeral, the wife finds out that her husband was having an affair with a student, and she is pregnant. Thus, the fates of the two women was linked forever...


Metropolitan businessman Yuri decides to go to his hometown, to remember the youth and to live there in the house "without facilities". That's how Tatiana appears in his life...

Pearl Wedding

Chaykin family lives together happily for 30 years. No sooner they had celebrate thier pearl wedding, like fate teaches them a tough lesson...

The portrait of Beloved

Two sisters fell in love with a same young man - a police captain. The guy is going to marry the older sister, but a tragic accident changes the plans...


Actor Nikolai Demidov believes in miracles and ready to help the others, even to give "his last shirt". But his wife is not going to reconcile with such a character of spouse...

Where does Nadezhda live?

Mother and daughter live a solitary life of single and wealthy women. One day the mother finds a letter in the late son's office and discover that her granddaughter is growing somewhere…


In the luxury village, there are only two houses are inhabited. One is American family and the other is Russian family. At first the neighborly relations do not add up...


These series are based on the real events. Clairvoyant helps her clients decipher the signs of the "other" world.

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