Taiga’s detective

Lieutenant Colonel Yartsev arrives in a small taiga town in the Southern Urals to take up the post of chief of the local police. He is temporarily in Lesnogorsk in order to get promoted. The protagonist wants to put things in order in place, where life is shrouded in a mystical veil: the cult of a shaman, werewolves live in local swamps, city offices open only on a call, and cellular communications do not catch the network. Yartsev is dissatisfied with the way his subordinates work: there is no subordination and strict observance of procedural norms. His tough manner of doing business is opposed by senior police lieutenant Tatyana, who knows firsthand all the local customs and laws of the taiga. However, during the investigation of the mysterious death of local residents, the relationship between the boss and the subordinate is gradually improving. Yartsev unexpectedly faces a choice - love or a successful career in a big city...

Detective. 4 episodes

Script writers:
Valentin Spiridonov
Daria Korostyleva

Directed by:
Valentin Donskov
Valery Rozhnov

Director of photography:
Evgeny Speshilov

Production designer:
Alexander Mironov

Executive Producer:
Mikhail Volodin

Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Artyom Alekseev
Polina Dolindo
Artyom Eremin
Anastasia Savosina

Leonid Gromov
Anatoly Gushchin
Galina Anisimova
Oleg Filipchik
and others

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