Taiga detective. Living water.

Tatyana Tretyakova is investigating the murder of a local healer in the taiga. A relative of her colleague Claudia was found with a broken head on the edge of the forest. After the death of her aunt, the girl wants to continue her work - to treat people with “living water”. Tatyana Tretyakova follows the trail of the killer and finds out that Claudia herself is in danger now, because of the miraculous drink...
Tatyana Tretyakova is going to the taiga with her son to feed the reindeer, but the weekend has to be interrupted due to a personal request from her superiors. Lieutenant Colonel of the Investigative Committee Krylatov asks to find the son of a friend who disappeared near Lesnogorsk at the Shaman’s Shelter camp site. It is known that on the eve of the disappearance of the young man in the taiga, he had a heartbreak...

Detective. 4 episodes

Script writers:
Valentin Spiridonov
Daria Korostyleva

Directed by:
Valentin Donskov

Director of photography:
Evgeny Speshilov

Production designer:
Alexander Mironov

Executive Producer:
Mikhail Volodin

Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Polina Dolindo
Anatoly Gushchin
Alexander Alyabyev
Artyom Eldarov
Anastasia Savosina
Tatyana Klyukina

Anna Ikshakova
Ekaterina Solomatina
Alexey Nesterov
Alexandra Frolenkova
Artyom Grigoriev
Anna Barsukova
Jan Alves
and others

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