Female Version. Grandfather’s granddaughter

Tanya is the granddaughter of the legendary Soviet Union's investigator - Viktor Vasilyev, after graduating from law school, she decided to follow the footsteps of her grandfather instead of becoming a lawyer. The girl went to work in the police. The dream to investigate criminal cases came true on the first working day. The authorities treated the girl condescendingly, thinking that this success was accidental. However, Tanya proved not only her professional suitability of operational work, but also became the best employee in the department, largely thanks to the archive that her grandfather had collected in Soviet times.

Tanya is investigating two high-profile crimes at once: the murder of a famous video blogger "on-line", as well as the murder of a young man and the abduction of his corpse. To solve these cases helps crimes, that were conducted by Tanya's grandfather, a legendary investigator in the end of 1970s.

4 episodes. Detective, thriller.

Script writers:
Anastasiya Maksimova
Vladlen Maksimov

Valery Ivanovskaya

Director of photography:
Evgeniy Speshilov

Set Designer:
Atsamaz Dzivayev
Viktor Zudin

Executive Producers:
Papuna Pipia

Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Sophia Ardova
Kirill Zhandarov
Vladislav Kanopka
Ilya Korobko
Galina Sazonova
Anatoly Kotenev

Nikolay Ivanov
Valeria Moiseeva
Alexandra Kashtanova
Alexander Bazoev
Svetlana Avilova
Dmitry Dorokhov
and others

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