Without witnesses 2

An adaptation of the second season of the Israeli series "BE TIPUL" ("In Treatment")

The creator of the original version - Hagai Levi.

Original format by Sheleg Production (logo)

The show "BE TIPUL" has its adaptions in the United States (HBO), Canada, Argentina, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries.

In the second season of "No witnesses" it occurs the key reshuffle - now Igor K. Maksimov is the main character. An appearance of Tatiana Dubrovina has changed a lot in his life: it makes Igor feel alive and full of energy.

Maksimov resumes his practice and gains new patients who come on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, while on Thursday there come already known Lena and Oleg ... with their son.

Each of the patients has his own story. Each one has experienced a personal tragedy. Each of them needs help, although not everyone understands what it is. Igor should help them to forgive the parents and release the past, to bring back their love of the life and self-confidence. Only solving their problems he will help himself to deal with his past.

Genre: Drama, psychological

Running time: 26 min

Written by:
Maxim Belozor
Andrey Berezhansky
Svetlana Zelenova
Lubov Mulmenko
Natalia Meschaninova
Mikhail Brashinskiy

Directed by:
Ilya Malkin
Boris Khlebnikov
Natalia Meschaninova

Cinematography by:
Pyotr Dukhovskoy

Art Director:
Valeriy Arkhipov

Editor in Chief:
Irina Kachalova

Casting by:
Elena Mikhailova
Oksana Belanovich
Marina Fotieva

Oleg Sus

Music by:
Dmitriy Kathanov

Alexey Shumenkov

Produced by:
Elena Afanasyeva
Olga Volodina
Elena Kotunova
Alexey Marchenko (executive producer)

Andrey Ilyin
Irina Kupchenko
Valeriy Barinov
Andrey Barilo
Daria Moroz
Natalia Rogozhkina
Maria Smolnikova
Vadim Santalov

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