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Natalya Kolevanova’s life has been successful - she is married to Ilya and works as a leading architect in the company of Kirill Saburov. It soon turns out that her husband is cheating on her, and Natalya wants to divorce. To unwind, she goes to her hometown at the invitation of her aunt. It was here that young Natasha was in love with her classmate Alexei and was happy, and then betrayed and abandoned. And now, eighteen years later, she finds herself in the city of her youth, where everything reminds her of her first love. Despite time and obstacles, their love is alive, and returning to their small homeland brings new pain, new meetings and acquaintance with little Matvey, Alexei’s son... Who will tell Natalya that the culprit of the tragedy that affected her whole life is not her former lover but a completely different person...

Melodrama. 4 episodes

Script writers:
Elena Afanasyeva
Irina Burdenkova
Ulyana Kirichenko

Stage Director:
Kira Angelina

Director of photography:
Vladimir Volodin

Production designers:
Evgenia Bestuzheva
Ekaterina Abrosova

General Producers:
Marina Khripunova
Irina Bosova

Executive Producer:
Mikhail Volodin

Marina Ternavskaya
Alexandra Vinogradova
Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina
Elena Afanasyeva

Evgenia Weiss
Alla Malkova
Elena Vetrova
Viktor Mikhailov

Rodion Galyuchenko
Anastasia Pyanova
Elena Charkviani
Arseny Legkov
and others

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