Shutter's paradise

Lyudmila does not believe that life after forty is just beginning. Moreover, her daughter is getting married, and she suffers from loneliness! Mother, daughter and faithful friend Kira convince the main character that she urgently needs to act. After all, there is nothing to catch in Ivanovo - the best suitors live in Moscow only. Fortunately, there is somewhere to stay in the capital to look for a new husband - the apartment of the ex-husband. Mikhail is shocked by such impudence - not only did Lyudmila leave him two months after the wedding, gave birth to a child from someone else, and now, 19 years later, she is standing on the threshold and laying claim to his living space. But there is nothing to be done; according to the documents, Lyudmila is still registered with him. Gradually, he either becomes imbued with the problem of this “marriage swindler”, or wants Lyudmila to move out quickly, but they begin to look for her potential spouse together...

commissioned by EPIC MEDIA

Romantic comedy. 4 episodes x 25 minutes

Author of the idea:
Yana Romanenko

Script writer:
Andrey Berezhansky

Stage Director:
Maxim Vasilenko

Director of photography:
Gennady Nemykh

Production designers:
Vlad Poteev
Elisey Orlov

Creative Producer:
Olga Knyazeva

Executive Producer:
Mikhail Volodin

Alexey Moiseev
Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Yulia Kovaleva
Natalya Tetenova
Alexey Demidov

Andrey Finyagin
Evgeny Shlyapin
Andrey Myasnikov
and others

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