Spaceport «EAST». Go On!

Spaceport «EAST». Go On!

The documentary begins with the shots of first start-ups of the rockets at the cosmodrome "East". The long-awaited start and ... nothing happens, the missile remains in the same place, the engine is off. Exactly one day out to eliminate the cause of failure. But the next day carrier rocket "Soyuz 2.1a" displays on the satellites orbit. Domestic experts call the first launch from the cosmodrome "East" starting point in the history of astronautics of modern times. They also explain, due to what the characteristics and engineering solutions of "Vostochny" will be the best spaceport of the planet. The viewer sees what's inside the spaceport, where collected the launch vehicle and satellites, how the rocket delivered to launch pad as well as all the stages of preparation for the flight. But technology is not everything. An other theme of the film - the strong people, who went to the Far East to raise Russian cosmonautics. Moved with the families, some of them adapted easily, for some it took time to get used to the new living conditions. Now for the employees of the cosmodrome "East" is building a modern city Tsiolkovsky. Hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers and apartments has constructed. The film conveys not only the beauty and power of nature, but also the greatness of Russian cosmonautics.

Directed by:
Evgenia Gonchar

Screenwriter: Alexey Vasiliev

Produced by:
Alexey Vasiliev
Elena Kotunova

Maxim Alekseev

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