Кружева соблазна

The Tempation Of Lace

The history of lingerie is inseparable from the global changes that take place in our society.

The researchers say the aggression and all wars are the result of the problems with the male testosterone, which goes up when man makes a bid for woman's sympathy and seduces her. The problem is that near-nude woman doesn't interest man as he sees no mystery about it, and his testosterone turns into aggression – while a woman takes off all her clothes exactly before the war because her human nature feels that it is time to get pregnant and give a birth.

Running time: 52 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Written by:
Sergey Shachin

Directed by:
Natalia Zavoznenko

Produced by:
Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

The film was attended by fashion historian Alexandr Vasiliev, theater artist Victoria Sevryukova, writer Darya Dontsova, actress Olga Aroseva (2013 year shooting), editor in chief of Playboy (Russia) Alexander Korolev.

The movie shows a unique collection of lingerie belongs to Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Victoria Sevryukova. The collection entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

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