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My family Tree

Family secrets, mysterious stories, handed down from generation to generation, photographs from old albums, stories of close and distant relatives - all this can be a priceless material for creating your family tree!

The TV program "My Family Tree" – is a part of a multimedia project of Channel One Russia, where the web plays as important of a role as the television program itself. The project promotes the value of knowledge about family history and illustrates the individual steps of genealogical research. Each episode - is a practical manual of how to work with archives and to create a family tree.

The guests of the program are famous people who want to learn more about their roots and to preserve their family history. With the help of specialists and experts of the program , the guests visit archives, meet with friends, visit places where they lived, went to school, fought, or buried their loved ones and distant relatives. They immerse in the lives of their ancestors, trying to relieve their lives.

In 2010, the program "My Family Tree" produced by AVK production was nominated for a TEFI in the category of "History Programs."

Running time - 39 minutes

Number of episodes – 40

Jan Churikova

Guests of the program:
Elizabeth Boyarskaya
Alexander Lazarev, Jr.
Vladimir Menchov
Egor Beroev
Nicholas Rastorguev
Nonna Grishaeva
Dmitry Kharatyan
Olga Aroseva
Yury Nikolaev
Olga Ostroumov
Yuri Vyazemsky and Evgenia Simonova
Maria Shukshin
Ludmila Maksakova
Sergei Shakurov
Andrei Makarevich
Sergei Svetlakov
Alexander Gordon

Guests of the program:
Elena Proklova
Irina Rodnina
Peter Tolstoy
Alexander Zhulin
Alex Buldakov
Cyril Nabutov
Nikolai Valuev
Oleg Basilashvili
Slava Zaitsev
Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts
Daria Dontsova
Eugene Grishkovets
Emmanuel Vitorgan
Victor Rybin
Igor Butman
Alain Sviridov
Maria Kiseleva
Leonid Parfenov
Larissa Luzhin

Elena Afanasyeva
Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina
Michael Krikunenko

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