The Wind of change

The wind of change

The story of a simple Russian family is similar to the Brazilian TV series. The woman brought up her son Fyodor all her life, her lover abandoned, when she was still pregnant. The son grew up, "got to his feet" and one day he gets the news about the death of his father. The young man, despite the protests of his mother, decides to go to say goodbye to his father to another city. There he finds out that the parent is not dead at all. Fedor re-acquainted not only with his father, but also with his half-sister, who immediately falls in love with. The girl, unable to resist the feelings that have broken out between them, runs to another city. Fyodor returns home and decides to marry without love on his ex-girlfriend. But at the wedding it turns out that his father is not real...

Lyrical comedy. 2 series

Script writers:
Olga Gurova
Mikhail Baranovsky

Valeria Ivanovskaya

Executive Producer:
Mikhail Volodin

Elena Kotunova
Olga Volodina

Director of photography:
Olga Livinskaya

Set Designer:
Atsamaz Dzivayev

Arthur Waha
Galina Sazonova
Nina Persiyaninova
Vakhtang Beridze
Maria Kononova
and others

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