The 10th  season of the show-program


The 10th  season of the show-program "Invisible Man" has been  launched. The first guest in the studio was the TV and radio presenter Olga Shelest. Experts struck the star to the heart, they told her something, that Olga never advertises in the press.

The start of shootings 4-series melodrama


The start of shootings 4-series melodrama "More than a doctor." In a provincial town, lives and works amazing soul man - the local doctor Lyudmila. 

She is attentive to all their patients. Lyudmila loves her job, she works day and night. In addition to the daily calls she has time to visit the lonely and elderly patients. At home it reliable rear - a loving husband Michael and daughter Xenia. But one day the family idyll collapses... 

Director: Kira Angelina. 
Cast: Ekaterina Semenova, Andrei Yegorov, Sergey Varchuk Alena Ivchenko, Alexander Nikitin, Eugene Ahremenko and others.


The first day of shootings of 4-series lyrical comedy "Freshman." This story about a provincial teacher Vera and her daughter Alice. 

In a small town they are  mistaken for sisters often - Mom looks a little older than her daughter. Alice is a good student and has successfully passed the graduation exam. She submits documents to MSU and MSIIR, but at the graduation Alice falls in love and runs away from home. Later the answers from the capital's universities arrive: Alice is invited for an interview in Moscow. In an attempt to educate her daughter, the woman goes on an adventure... 

Director: Valery Ivanovo. 
Starring: Anna Taratorkina Alexei Anischenko, Eugene Volovenko Catherine Simahodskaya Elena Muraviev and others.



The "Red Bracelets" TV series, co-production of FILM.UA and AVK production, was shown at international film festival in Odessa (Odessa International Film Festival).

Here are some reviews of viewers: "What a difficult topic, but subtly done", "It is impossible to keep the tears. But it is impossible to keep from laughing too." "We hope very much that this film will be aired! The product of such a high-quality should be seen by the audience". " This is the best thing that happened to me today at the festival. Thank you! ".

The TV series "Red Bracelets" is a Russian adaptation of Catalan format. Alberto Espinosa, author of the book and the film, wrote a screenplay in the wake of his personal drama. At age 14, he became an oncologic patient, but, despite the serious diagnosis, this period of his life he recalls with bright joy. That's why Alberto made a movie about friendship and love teenagers in hospital.

The director of the Russian version of "Red Bracelets" Natalia Meshchaninova in 2015 at the festival "Movement" won two awards: for best picture and director's work.

The start of shooting the 2-series romantic comedy


The start of shooting the 2-series romantic comedy "Serious relationship only". Businessman Igor Petrovich greatly concerned about his son waste great amount of money on models and spends life in the fast lane. Igor Petrovich Ivan takes his son's credit card and dismisses his housekeeper. Businessman hopes that a son who loves homey home, will not last long, and marries a decent girl. However, the young man is not going to change. Accidentally in his life appears plump Maroussia...

The last day of the shooting of 4-series melodrama


The last day of the shooting of 4-series melodrama "Jinn." This story is about the artist and a good man Nikolai Demidov.

The protagonist does not refuse anyone with the help, ready to give up all the money. For his kindness and generosity his friends nicknamed him "Jinn." But his wife could not come to terms with the nature of the husband ... 

Directed by: Andrei Selivanov. 
Starring: Tatiana Dogileva, Artyom Osipov, Sergey Astakhov, Polina Grishina, Artem Fadeev, and others.

The premiere of our TV project,


The premiere of our TV project, "This is me!" at the "First Channel".

The creators say: "This is me" - a new TV format - "documentary soap opera" or "documentary selfie". Eight women are shooting themselves and their everyday life. The degree of openness is over-the-top. The heroines of the project won't turn off the camera even when they: brake up, get fired, offend, when they get sick, give birth or get married. As distinct from the similar projects, where the authors get shooting of heroes and make of it one television season, heroes' video  of "This is me!" shoots every day and broadcasts in parallel. The creators of "This is me!", call thier project a risky attempt to combine a fresh look informal documentary filmmaker with the requests of the federal mass audience channel. Production - "Aquilon media."

Author and executive producer - Elena Afanasyeva. 
Producers - Olga Volodina, Elena Kotunova. 
Producer of Channel One - Svetlana Kolosova. 
Executive Producer - Alexey Marchenko. 
Directed and creative producers - Pavel Kostomarov, Alexander Rastorguev, Ilya Malkin. 
Project Manager - Ulyana Kirichenko.


Preparations for the filming of 4-series melodrama "More than a doctor".
The local doctor Lyudmila loves her job, she gets lost at work day and night. At home she has a reliable rear - a loving husband and a smart daughter. But one day her family idyll collapses .... Directed by Kira Angelina.


Start working on 4-series lyrical comedy series "Freshman."
The teacher Vera and her daughter Alice are living together in a small provincial town. The daughter has graduated from the school and has sent documents to the prestigious capital's universities. Alice has been invited to Moscow for an interview, but she runs away from home. Mom comes up with an idea of how to save the formation of daughter ... Director: Valery Ivanovskaya. 


Getting ready for the launch of a new project - the romantic comedy "Only serious relationships".
Businessman Igor Petrovich decided to steer his rake son onto the right path. So he shuts off all financial investments and fires his son's housekeeper. The father hopes that his son, who loves the comfort of home, get married and stop wasting money on models. Director: Oleg Strom.


The shooting of 4-series melodrama "Jinn" has started.
The story about the actor Nikolai Demidov, who works in a children's theater. Nikolai always helps and ready to give his last money. For his kindness and generosity - friends nicknamed him "Jinn." His wife could not accept his temper ... Directed by: Andrei Selivanov. Starring: Tatiana Dogileva, Artyom Osipov, Sergey Astakhov, Polina Grishina, Artem Fadeev and others.


The shooting of 4-series melodrama "Pearl Wedding" are finished.
Family of Chaikin is perfect one in every way. The couple lived together for 30 years. Their house is a real fortress: my mom, dad and three adult daughters. But one day, the head of a family meets his first love ... Directed by: Oleg Strom. Starring: Sergei Baryshev, Inga Oboldina, Marina Yesipenko, Mary Pirogova, Alexander Pashkov and others.

Funny and mischievous songs by Arcadia Ukupnik, according to experts of the show


Funny and mischievous songs by Arcadia Ukupnik, according to experts of the show "The Invisible Man," the exact opposite of the singer's temper. The star of 90s admitted that it is very difficult to find a common language with him.

The casting of 4-series melodrama


The casting of 4-series melodrama "Jinn" has finished. Actor Nikolai Demidov, ready to give "the last shirt" to help others. His friends nicknamed him "Jinn", because of kind temper . But his wife is not prepared to put up with such a character spouse. 

In the secret роом of the show


In the secret роом of the show "The Invisible Man" - Margarita Suhankina. The star of 90s was waiting for what the experts would say about her. The soloist of the group "Mirage" confirmed every word of soothsayers about her difficult female life. 

The shootings 4-series melodrama


The shootings 4-series melodrama "Pearl Wedding". The husband and wife lived in a happy marriage for 30 years. They have three daughters. Everything has changed at that moment, when the head of the family met his first love...

Experts of show


Experts of show "The Invisible Man" were shocked when looked in the past of the guest of program. The star of 90s - Roman Zhukov survived the tragic death of a child...

Retro-season program


Retro-season program "The Invisible Man" continues. Popular singer of 90s - Victor Saltykov still offended by his ex-wife. For experts the show was not difficult to discover the secret to viewers.

Premiere 4-series melodrama


Premiere 4-series melodrama "Where lives Nadejda?" on TV channel "TVC". Mother and daughter live measured life of single women. Their familiar world collapses when the mother is in the office late son Nicholas a letter ... So a woman finds out that somewhere her granddaughter grows. Director: Oleg Strom. Starring: Evgenia Dmitrieva, Larisa Udovichenko, Sergei Dorogov, Alexander Makogon, Veronica Lysakova, Alexey Demidov. 

The guest of the show


The guest of the show "The Invisible Man" became Irina Saltykov. The star of stage of 90s will worry whether the experts can guess who has hurt her so much?

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