The invisible battle with the experts of the TV show "Invisible Man" entered the finalist of 13th Battle of Psychics, clairvoyant Fatima Hadueva. Will the experts find out who is hiding from them in the Chamber of Secrets?


Shootings of the reality show "Day by Day" started. Thirteen heroine will now start filming all the important moments of their lives, their video diaries will be the basis for a television project.


The premiere of the 7th season of the popular show "The Invisible Man" on the TV3 channel at prime time. In the studio of  the show - its permanent leader Evelyn Bledans and the experts: magician Roman Fahd, fortuneteller Aida Martirosyan, criminologist Victor Kolkutin, palmist Boris Akimov, the shaman Darden Cousteau and psychologist Maria Pugacheva. The new season opens with the program, where the guest is Catherine Barnabas - the Comedy-woman. What are the secrets of the popular actress and TV hostess will the experts  find at the show?


We finished shooting the TV movie "Communal Apartment". Thanks to the whole team for the excellent work!


Shootings of four series television movie "Yura". Genre - comedy melodrama. Shooting took place in Moscow and the Moscow region. Director - Kira Angelina.


Shootings 4-serial television movie "Communal Apartment". Genre - melodrama. Shooting took place in Moscow. Director - Anar Mammadov.


AVK production company signed a licensing agreement with the company Zodiak Media about the option to sell the format of the TV show "The Invisible Man" in the UK and Ireland. Distributor show is an Israeli company Dori Media Group.


The casting of the heroes for the new daily reality show "Day after day" began.


AVK production singed the contract with Zodiak Media, to provide the option to sell the format of the TV show "The Invisible Man" in the UK and Ireland. Distributor of the show is the Israeli company Dori Media Group.


The preparatory period of the daily reality show "Day after day" began together with CCX film.


There were shooting of the seventh season of the TV show "The Invisible Man". The guests of the program were: the actress Vera Sotnikova, Catherine Barnabas, Tatiana Lyutaeva and Zhanna Epple, producers Alexander and Boris Inshakov Grachevsky, TV presenters Rose Syabitova and Fatima Hadueva, singer Angelica Agurbash.


May 22. The preparatory period of four-series melodrama "And Nadejda appeared!" began, together with the FILM.UA company.


The "Red Bracelets" series won the Grand Prix of the "Movement" film Festival. The main prize for the best director's work has also received by the director of the series "Red Bracelets" - Natalia Meshchaninova. Congratulations to the entire team of Bracelets!


Under the gun of the experts of the program - singer Alena Apina. What does she hide even from the closest people? Look up on air!


Spade-work on 4 episodes of series "Yura", joint project with FILM.UA, has started. 


Olga Prokofieva believes she spent her adult life working – but "The Invisible Man" experts think quite differently about it.


On this episode of "The Invisible Man" Show, Evelyna Bledans's guest will be Valery Nikolaev, famous actor and producer. How well does he know himself? 


TV3 channel starts showing the first season of the series "Without witnesses". This adaptation of the world famous series on the work of the psychotherapist "In treatment", created by Hagai Levi Israeli and successfully adapted and transmitted in 20 countries of the world. But only in the Russian adaptation, the authors allowed themselves to change sex of the protagonist - in the role of the therapist is a woman.


Spade-work on 4 episodes of series "Kommunalka", joint project with FILM.UA, has started. 


Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Russian actress, celebrates her birthday on "The Invisible Man". Do not miss! 

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