The "Red Bracelets" series is selected in the main competition of the 3rd National Festival "Movement", which will be held in Omsk on 22-26 April.


"The Invisible Man" guest is a writer Anatoly Wasserman. Which expert will specify the guest’s personality?


Tatiana Volosozhar, Russian pair skater, double Olympic champion, will learn something new about herself from "The Invisible Man" experts. 


Mitya Fomin has been invited at the "The Invisible Man". What the singer’s secrets our experts will reveal? 


The guest of "The Invisible Man"  is Anastasia Stotskaya, Russian actress and singer. How experts will surprise her? 


Evelyna Bledans invited Russian actor Maxim Vitorgan. What experts can tell us about his secret weakness? 


The sixth season of the popular show "The Invisible Man" has been aired on TV3 channel. Mikhail Galustyan, Russian famous comedian, appeared as a guest. What Mikhail hides even from his own wife?


AVK production and  Zodiak Media have signed an licence agreement, establishing the right to sell TV show "The Invisible Man" format in France, Spain and Denmark. Distributor of the show was an Israeli company Dori Media Group.


Spade-work on 12 episodes of series "Artek"  has started. Shooting is scheduled to take place in Moscow, Yalta, Gdansk (Poland). The series directed by Darya Poltoratskaya.


Pilgrim Films & Television, Inc., a US-based company, acquired an option on production of AVK's TV show "The Invisible Man" in the United States and Canada. The team has started shooting the pilot. Distributor of the show was an Israeli company Dori Media Group.


Visiting Evelyn Bledans at show the "Invisible Man" - director and producer Yegor Konchalovsky.


In the studio of the "Invisible Man" - actress and TV presenter Yana Poplavskaya.


As always on Fridays on channel TV3 - show  the "Invisible Man", and today's guest is famous actor Paul Derevianko.


The guest of the show the "Invisible Man" became a ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Who of the experts are going to choose her photo from the portraits of 12 star?


The fifth season of the "Invisible Man" show continues. Today on Air absolute world boxing champion Kostya Tszyu.Would the experts of the show be able to find out who is in the secret room?


Shooting team of the "Red bracelet" series moved to the Black Sea coast under the Tuapse, where at the hotel "Gazprom Yamal" they work on nature's shootings. Filming will continue until the end of October.


The new 5th season of the show the "Invisible Man" has launched on channel TV3. Season opens with showman Alexander Revva who created the stage set of vivid images. What's new the experts talk about?


Pau Freyksas, the director of the original version of «Polseres Vermelles» visited the set of "Red bracelet" in the Olympic pool in Barcelona. Director met with the young actors Azamat Aliev and Gleb Kalyuzhin, who are playing Romkey (Roca) and Ilya (Ignacio).


The shooting of the series "Red bracelet" continues in Barcelona, at the Olympic pool at Montjuïc mountain. The original version was shot as well. The pool in the series represents a metaphorical space between life and death. According to the director Pau Freyksasa, this place is so picturesque, that it has prompted the creators of «Polseres Vermelles» to put here Rock - a character, who is in a coma.


The shootings of 4-series comedy "French cooking" has finished. Thanks to the team for a great job!

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