We have started filming the romantic comedy


We have started filming the romantic comedy "Tent's paradise" commissioned by Epic media.
Lyudmila does not believe: that life after forty is just beginning and suffers bitterly from loneliness. That's good when at home is a reliable rear: mother, daughter and faithful friend Kira. They convince the main character that not everything is lost and that she is still young, but urgent action is needed. After all, there is nothing to catch in Ivanovo - the best suitors live only in Moscow. Fortunately, there is a springboard in the capital for finding a new husband - the apartment of the former. Mikhail is shocked by such arrogance: not only did she leave two months after the painting, she gave birth to a child from another, and now, 19 years later, she is on the doorstep and claims to have his living space ...
Director: Maxim Vasilenko

We have started filming of the romantic comedy


We have started filming of the romantic comedy "Mom, get married" commissioned by Epic media.
The main character Dan lives not only with his beloved wife, little daughter, but also with his mother-in-law. It’s not easy to be under the same roof with the wife’s mother, but when he started to remote work, his life turns into hell. Dan decides to take a desperate step: to get rid of his mother-in-law, he decides to marry her off. But how to do this if she is completely unprepared for a relationship?
Director: Maxim Vasilenko

On October 3, the premiere of the sci-fi tragicomedy series


On October 3, the premiere of the sci-fi tragicomedy series "Movers", filmed with the support of the Internet Development Institute, took place. The viewersare able to choose where to watch all the episodes of the first season. It will be available on several platforms at once: Kinopoisk, VK, OK, YouTube (Epic Media channel) and RuTube.
The project was created and filmed by the brothers Alexander Ershov (director, screenwriter) and Philip Ershov (leading actor, co-screenwriter). The series "Movers" represents their view on the topic of reincarnation. What does the human soul experience after death? Can afterlife be possible in a new body and how to correct the mistakes of yourprevious existing?
Vitya and Borya have died. They find themselves in front of a mysterious mechanism - the Cube, who sends them back on Earth to "restore their karma". Every time the main characters resurrect, they wake up in new different bodies: guest workers, strippers, women, etc. And suspiciously often meet their friends and family members. It seems that they got into some kind of computer game, where each completed task is a “plus” or “minus” to their karma. Could Vityarealize his mistakes and change his past life and will Borya understand on what sacrifices he is reallyready to go for his own happiness?
Directed by:Alexander Ershov.


The shootings of the detective series «The Mousetrap» commissioned by Epic Media have begun. 

The police investigator Irina Merkulova always has to choose between her family and her job. This time, she chose to urgently leave for the crime scene instead of romantic dinner in restaurant with her husband. The main character is in "hot pursuit" investigating the death of a bank director. A top manager was found dead in his personal office, with a grimace of horror on his face. Merkulova has unexpectedly found herself in a situation where she not only find out which of her employees was involved in the murder, but also tests her marriage for strength...

Directedby: Kira Angelina.

The TVC channel has aired our melodrama


The TVC channel has aired our melodrama "Parisian". It’s about long and thorny journey from the foreign land to homeland. After the death of her husband, Tatyana returns from Paris to her native provincial town in Russia. Her late husband Guillaume bequeathed her all his fortune, but on one condition: within a year, Tanya must marry a Russian...
Directed by: Alexey Smirnov and Alexey Magid.
More about the project

We have started filming the comedy series


We have started filming the comedy series "Freud from the village" commissioned by Epic Media. Lifelong psychologist student called Kirill goes to the village to visit his grandmother, where he intends to heal his emotional wounds after a difficult breakup with his girlfriend. As he has arrived - all hell broke loose! At first, grandma Shura's girlfriends received psychological help, then he took up their unlucky alcoholic husbands. There is no time for suffering for the glamorous beauty Lika. Only the obstinate paramedic Nastya looks skeptically at the grandson of the respected woman Shura and does not approve of his methods of working with the local population...
Directedby: Kira Angelina


AVK production is filming a new detective series "Chameleon" commissioned by Epic Media.
Valeria works as a doctor in the neurological department of the hospital, where a young man who has lost his memory and now does not know who he is. The main character carefully questions her patient, who is frightened of something clearly. However, everything all the atempts to find out about his previous life will lead nowhere. But gradually the other thing becomes clear - they like each other. None of them realizes that in the recent past of the protagonist there is a deadly threat to both of them...
Director: Anna Kokhanova



The "AVK production" company is filming the follow-up of the series "Taiga detective".
First movie
Lieutenant Colonel Yartsev remains as the head of the police department in the small taiga town of Lesnogorsk. He wants to help his colleague Tatyana Tretyakova, solve a long-tangled crime: her father died in the taiga. When Yartsev found an important "hook", a tragedy has happened and Tatyana has to uncover two cases at once...
Second movie
Tatyana Tretyakova continues to work in the police departments of the taiga town of Lesnogorsk. In the taiga, the professor - the head of expedition to cave's drawing - has died under suspicion circumstances, then his assistant becomes the victim. Investigation leads the main character in a small Mararian village, where inhabited are sure, that scientists are killed by the spirits of the taiga...
The premiere of the new series of the detective story will held on the TVC channel.


"AVK production" has started filming a new crime melodrama "Shadows of the Past" commissioned by Epic Media.
A Shakespearean tragedy unfolds in the most ordinary mansion. However, this criminal-romantic story takes place not in England, but in Russia. The maid Rita gets a job in the old lady's house and there she recognizes her ex, in the young lover of a rich widow. Romance flares up between the lovers once again. Denis promises Rita to leave his "old woman". However, the girl finds out about his wedding with Lyudmila. Same night, Denis is killed in sleep. The investigation concludes that all household members had a motive to kill the young man ...
Director: Anna Kokhanova

On the air of the Domashny TV channel, the melodrama


On the air of the Domashny TV channel, the melodrama "My stranger daughter" produced by AVK film company.
Anya is happily married and expecting a baby. Suddenly, her life changes dramatically - her husband, the owner of an antique store, dies, and she loses her baby amid the stress. The main character goes to an orphanage to give away toys, there she meets a little girl Galya and decides to adopt her. The joy from this meeting was not that long, Anya learns that her husband was engaged in illegal transactions and his death was not accidental. Now Anya and little Galya are in danger...
Director: Kira Angelina

The TVC channel will air all the episodes of the project


The TVC channel will air all the episodes of the project "Women's Version". The detective series was filmed by the AVK production film company.
From 20th to 30th June, and also from 4th to 14th July the viewer will be able to watch all the episodes of the project on TVC. The detective is also available on the Kinofabrika YouTube channel, where it has already gained over 30 million views.
This is a story about a girl who wanted to continue her professional dynasty. Tanya is the granddaughter of the legendary Soviet Union's investigator Viktor Vasiliev. After she graduated from the Law school, she decided to follow in her grandfather's footsteps instead of legal practice. The girl went to work the police office. The dream of investigating the criminal cases cоme true on the very first working day: Tanya solved the crime. The authorities treated the girl condescendingly, thinking that this success was accidental. However, Tanya proved not only her professional suitability for operational work, but also became the best employee in the department, largely thanks to the archive that her grandfather kept in Soviet times...

"Women's version. Grandfather's granddaughter" 
"Women's version. Your time and glass" 
"Women's version. Romantic from the USSR" 
"Women's version. Purely Soviet murder" 
"Women's version. The Secret of the Party Dacha" 
"Women's version. Soul Catchers 
"Women's version. Taxi green light "
"Women's version. Komsomol Romance" 
"Women's version. Cleaner" 
"Women's version. Owl Sign 
"Women's version. Mousetrap" 


The Akvilon media company has started filming the fantastic tragicomedy "Movers" commissioned by the Internet Development Institute.
The main characters die, but get a chance to live on. However, there is a nuance: every day they find themselves in the bodies of people they do not know. They live like in a computer game, where each completed task is a plus or minus to their new karma. But most importantly, in order to stay alive, one of them - Vita needs to realize all his mistakes, and other - Borya needs to decide whether he is ready to sacrifice the life of a loved one?
Director: Alexander Ershov
Screenwriters: Alexander Ershov and Philip Ershov

On the air of the TVC channel, the detective


On the air of the TVC channel, the detective "The planting season" produced by AVK production.
Vera works at a publishing house as detective stories' editor. While her friends are involved in a romantic relationship on holiday, the she prefers a secluded vacation at her country house. But her plans to calmly plant zucchini are not destined to come true. Her neighbor dies under strange circumstances in the village...
More about the project


AVK production is filming a new multi-episode film "YALTA" - a continuation of the series "City" and "Gurzuf" commissioned by Epic Media.
In 1971 the policemen from the Yalta city PD are investigating a high-profile crime committed at the pic of the holiday season. In one night there were several attacks on speculators, and one of them was even killed. On the eve of the incident, all the best operatives leave for the All-Union the Exchange of Experience Conference, and all crimes have to be investigated by very young and inexperienced operatives...
Director: Dmitry Konstantinov

On the air of the


On the air of the "TVC" channel the melodrama "Communal apartment" produced by AVK production.
We filmed a sad story with a happy ending. A young woman suddenly lost everything: her beloved family, a big house and ended up in a communal apartment... but fate has prepared not only trials for her...
Director: Anario Mammadov.
More about the project please read here

AVK production is filming a new detective series


AVK production is filming a new detective series "Black Mountain" commissioned by Epic Media.
After completing a successful career in the Investigative Department, Alexander Krechet decided to settle in the Crimea. On the day of arrival, being on the beach, the main character saves an unknown guy from the water. He looks like a young man who disappeared 25 years ago like two drops of water... Pulling the thread of one investigation, Krechet reveals a crime from the 90s...
Director: Oleg Shtrom


AVK production is filming a new detective series "The Trap" commissioned by Epic Media.
Varya Krasnova is the landscape designer is going to redevelop an old garden into a luxurious estate, on the instructions of the company. The main character has no idea what trap she has lured into. On the day of her arrival, the owner of the house is killed. After his death, it turns out that he left all his inheritance, but not at all to those who counted on this. And Varya becomes the main suspect...
Director: Oleg Shtrom


The premiere of the second season of the series “Taiga Detective. The Secret of the Black Swamp”, filmed by AVK production.
The new police chief came to a small town in the Southern Urals to  bring the order to the place, where life is shrouded in a mystical veil: a cult of a shaman, werewolves live in local swamps, city offices open only on a call, and cellular communication does not catch the network. Dealing with the next mysterious death of local residents near the Black Swamp, Lieutenant Colonel Yartsev accepts all the laws of the Taiga, reconciles with the customs of local residents, and also changes his mind about his subordinates. Unbeknownst to himself, while investigating, he faces a choice - love or a successful career in a big city...

The comedy series


The comedy series "Friendmates" has won a prize at the prestigious international festival BUEIFF Web Series in Argentina.
The project has won in the "Best Editing" nomination. On June 30, viewers in Buenos Aires will be shown the first episode of this comedy series.
In Russia, the premiere of the "Friendmates" series took place in 2021 on the OK platform. Each new episode was posted once a week and during this time the comedy gained 59 million views of Internet users.
According to the plot, a young couple Stas and Olya are planning to get married. In order to save up money for the upcoming celebration, the lovers decide to rent out two rooms in the capital's three-bedroom apartment - a gift from Stas's parents. From this moment on, the life of the main characters changes dramatically, because extraordinary personalities become residents of the apartment. Unexpectedly for themselves, future newlyweds all the time find themselves in situations where they need to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.
Popular actors starred in the film: LukeryaIlyashenko, Dmitry Endaltsev, Artem Eshkin, Artem Tsukanov and YuliaFrants. 
Director: Dina Shturmanova.
The 10-episode comedy was filmed by AVK production commissioned by the Odnoklassniki social network.
More about the project you cans see here

The TVC channel will host the premiere of the second season of the crime melodrama


The TVC channel will host the premiere of the second season of the crime melodrama "Birch Grove. The second film”, filmed by AVK production.
It's 1985. Tanya Kataeva is an alumnus of the foreign language Institute, continues to work as a tutor for the architect Zabelin's grandson. The quiet life of the inhabitants of the professor's dacha in the closed village of the Soviet nomenclature, called "Birch Grove" is again under threat. The professor goes headlong into work and does not notice how the clouds are gathering over him and his family. Every woman in his house is hiding something. Tanya is again involved in a story with a fatal outcome...

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