Post production period of  «The Lingerie fever» has begun.  


Shootings of the most sensitive documentary film «The Lingerie fever» goes on in the capital of world fashion – Paris. Today the focus of our interest in France are Lejaby and Lise Charmel fashion houses.   


She is well-known because of her great voice and theatrical career. Suprisingly, she does not believe any fortune-tellers, astrology and afterlife world. Today the invisible man is a famous actress and tv-host Alla Dovlatova. 


His name is known from all over the world. Today our experts will reveal all secrets of the Olympic champion Alexey Yagudin who is supported in the studio by figure skiing superstars – Iliya Averbuh and Tatiana Totmyanina. 


The film crew took an interview for “The Lingerie fever” with a famous historian of fashion and professional completist Victoria Sevryukova. Her collection of female underwear is in the Guiness book of records and consist of three thousands unique exibits with long johns of Kaganovich and Poskrebishev among them. As well as Lily Brick’s corsets and underwear of marshal’s Tuhachevkiy’s wife… 


She has been changing her looks and professions, worked as a politican but became a pop-star. Today guest in the Secret room is a gorgeous tv-host  Maria Malinovskaya. What will tell the experts when she asks them for advice? 


Who will know everything about Alexandr Buinov - Criminalist, Mage, Psychologist, Chiromancer, Shaman or Fortune-teller? 


She is known as a vamp lady and the woman who had great romances with famous men. Today the experts will tell the truth about popular actress, singer and writer Alika Smehova. 


The second season of «The Invisible Man» begins! That is the first entertainment show where celebrities are revelead inside out. The season starts with an outstanding Russian comic and mage Alexandr Peskov. The battle is going to be hard because our guest has his own  extrasensory abilities as well as the experts.   


The film crew took an interview for “The Lingerie Fever” with the famous historian Alexandr Vasiliev, actress Olga Aroseeva, writer Daria Doncova. 


On TV3 – the marathon of «The Invisible Man» show. All episodes of the frist season will be running on the air. And on the next week the new season will start


Pre-production work of 8-episode series “The Celebrity” based on the novels of Dmitriy Trostnikov “The Celebrity” begins.


Pre-production period of 8-episode drama series «Artec» begins. 


Shootings of the second season of “The Invisible Man” are over.


AVK Production gained a right to screen Dmitriy Trostnikov’s novel  “The Celebrity”. The novel is about an exiting life of the most famous Russian chansonnier Arkadiy Severny. His unique voice and style became legendary worldwide but nobody saw him. Arkadiy Severny didn’t participate in any concerts and music shows, there were no airs on radio and his songs were recorded illegaly…


AVK Production stars to film 12 new episodes of “The Invisible Man” entertainment show with famous Russian singers, actors, writers, politicans and athletes. 


All secrets and facts about actress and TV-host Anfisa Chehova are revealed by the experts in “The Invisible Man” show. 


Today “The Invisible Man” of Friday is a popular dancer, choreoghapher and singer Boris Moiseev. 


Pre-production work of a 8-episode crime drama «In Trouble» begins.


The new guest of “The Invisible Man” show today is the singer Jasmin.

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