Shootings of the copilot documentary detective series "Method" just has started.


Retranslation of the program "Invisible Man" with Alexei Yagudin.


In the broadcast of the channel TV3 - sports issues of the "Invisible Man." The hero of the show is the famed figure-skater, Olympic champion, World champion and Europe - Natalia Bestemyanova. Igor Her famous colleagues: Bobrin husband and former partner in ice dancing Andrei Bukin came to support Natalia.


The period of preparation  of adaptation of the series "Red bracelet" - Spanish format «Polseres vermelles» («Red Band Society») began. The series is about a group of teenagers in a children's hospital, who are moving into adulthood and fight with circumstances, of the friendship and love and how they challenge fate and make principal choices.


On air the First Channel - documentary produced by AVK production "Lace of temptation" (former name - "Passion for lingerie"). It is a colorful story about the history of women's underwear is inseparable from the global turmoil in life society. In the film: fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev, a theater artist Victoria Sevryukova, writer Darya Dontsova, actress Olga Aroseva (footage 2013), chief editor of Playboy (Russia) Alexander Korolev, etc. The shooting took place in Moscow, Paris and Milan.


The pilot episode of documentary detective series "Method" handed to channel.


AVK production wish you Happy New Year! May all dreams come true!  


The shooting of the pilot episode of documentary detective "Method" for channel TV3 just finished.


The shooting of the pilot episode of the documentary detective series  "Method" for channel TV3 has started.


Guest of the program "The Invisible Man" - singer Shura. Experts were not seeing or hearing the star, but told the shocking details about his childhood.


The fortuneteller of the program "The Invisible Man" Aida saw that the heroine is going to get married, but the wedding did not take place. Victoria Lopyreva only laughed at expert predictions. Two weeks later Lopyreva really canceled the wedding ... Details - Today TV channel TV3.  


The development of the documentary series "Method" for channel TV3 has started.


On air the "The Invisible Man" - the singer and composer Alena Sviridova.


Criminologist, magician, fortune teller, a psychologist, a palmist and the shaman - who of them will reveal all the secrets of Sergei Penkin? And guess if there was a famous singer in the secret room?


The period of preparation of 4 episodes comedy series, tentatively titled "French cooking" has started.


The singer Tatyana Bulanova  became the hero of this episode of the show "The Invisible Man". How will the experts of the program surprise a relaxed and balanced singer? 


The shooting of the 4th season of the show "The Invisible Man" are finished. Guests of the program are: the star of Russian sports, skaters Natalia Bestemyanova and Maria Butyrskaya, singers Lolita and Angelika Varum, singers Igor Nikolaev and Dmitry Malikov, composer and producer Victor Drobysh ...


Legendary producer Bari Alibasov is the guest of Evelina Bledans - the anchorwoman of the show "The Invisible Man" . Would the experts be able to convince Bari Karimovich that subtle world still exists?


The shooting of the 4th season (10 episodes) the TV show "The Invisible Man" has started .


Every Friday at primetime on channel TV3 - show "Invisible Man." Today in the Chamber of Secrets - writer of detective novels Daria Doncova. Could the experts unravel detective her own life?  

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