On "TV Center Channel" has showed our 4-series lyric comedy "Yurochka". This story begins with the fact that the main character, a successful businessman Yuri, all the time recalls his "hungry" youth with light sadness. A young man goes to the far village and meets his fate there. 
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The long-awaited premiere of our youth series


The long-awaited premiere of our youth series "Red Bracelets" on the "STB" TV channel. While the 12-episode film about teenagers in the hospital saw the Ukrainian audience, but not far off the premiere in Russia on the "First Channel".
The film is based on real events. "Red bracelets" - is a Catalan's TV series, and we filmed the Russian adaptation. Alberto Espinoza, the author of the book and film, wrote the script in the footsteps of his personal drama. At the age of 14, he fell ill with oncology, but, despite the difficult diagnosis, he recalls this difficult time for himself with bright joy and sadness. Therefore, the film and self-titled book by Alberto turned out about the friendship and love of teenagers in the hospital.
Director of the Russian adaptation Natalia Meshchaninova (at the festival "Movement") received two awards at once: for the best picture and director's work. "Red bracelets" also has visited the "Odessa International Film Festival".
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The star of the modern TV series - Pavel Trubiner have decided to find out his future and came to the show "Invisible Man". The actor almost does not give interviews and rarely appears on secular parties. Our experts feel that in the secret room a romantic idealist who is afraid of not realizing in the profession. 
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The premiere of our project


The premiere of our project "Wind of changes" on the TVC channel. The audience watched the melodramatic story that happened in the Russian outback. Everything is as usual: a woman brought up her son all her life. Once in their family comes the news of the death of the father of a young man. The guy goes to another city to bid farewell to the parent. But it turns out that my father did not die at all, yes, and, not his father at all... 
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The guest in the studio show


The guest in the studio show "Invisible Man" - "golden boy", the scion of the most famous families of Russian show business. Nikita Presnyakov has long sought to become a separate creative unit. Our experts saw the difficulties that the musician faced on his way to the starry Olympus. 
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Actress Lyubov Tolkalina was afraid to come to the mystical show


Actress Lyubov Tolkalina was afraid to come to the mystical show "Invisible Man". But all her fears disappeared when our experts examined the subtle nature and kind heart of the star. 
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In the secret room of the show


In the secret room of the show "Invisible Man" singer and composer Dominik Joker. A graduate of a popular musical show has not appeared on the air of federal TV channels for a long time. Our experts found out where the musician was missing and what has changed in his personal life. 
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In the studio of the


In the studio of the "Invisible Man" program, Timur Rodriguez - the most smiling guy in the show business. The participant of humorous programs, the singer and the presenter learned a lot about himself. Our experts not only managed to surprise the showman, but also uncovered all the secrets of the star. 
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In the studio of the program


In the studio of the program "Invisible Man" the participant of the well-known reality show Daria Pynzar. The girl built her love under the sights of television cameras: she married and gave birth to a son. But our experts saw that this an ideal world, only a glamorous cover for fans.
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Ilya Safronov is the elder brother of the family trio of famous illusionists. Like his younger brothers, he is a great skeptic.


Ilya Safronov is the elder brother of the family trio of famous illusionists. Like his younger brothers, he is a great skeptic. But on the show "Invisible Man" the magician trusted the experts and confirmed almost every word of our experts. The artist promised that he would soon find himself a girl and get married to TV-representer Eveline Bledans. 

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Star of the series


Star of the series "Olga" for the first time in the studio of the mystical show "The Invisible Man". Actress Yana Troyanova won the experts with her charisma and eccentricity. Despite the image of a strong woman, our experts examined the fragility and vulnerability of the guest. 

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Our mini TV-series


Our mini TV-series "Scar" air on the TVC channel. This detective story occurred in a small town. The main character for 14 years does not leave a sense of guilt. One day she become a witness of kidnapping of a little boy. At this moment Anya could not save the child and help the investigation. Everything changes when she meets a woman from the past with a tattoo on her arm... 

Director: Dmitry Magonov.

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Prokhor Chaliapin decided to open his true face on the show


Prokhor Chaliapin decided to open his true face on the show "Invisible Man". Our experts have found out what lies behind the artist's disgust. The viewer learned what the singer prefers not to tell journalists. 

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Start of the 12th season of the show


Start of the 12th season of the show "Invisible Man". Irina Bezrukova became the guest of the first episode of the mystical program. The celebrety survived the separation from her husband and the death of her son. Our experts saw a string of misfortunes in the fate of the actress. It turned out to be a frank talk about the past. 

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The premiere of the new season of the show


The premiere of the new season of the show "Invisible Man". The details of the private life of the celebreties will be on air of the TV-3 channel. In the mystical  studio of the show, we invited 12 heroes who were not afraid and opened their secrets. In the new episodes you will see: Irina Bezrukova, Prokhor Chaliapin, Timur Rodriguez, Love Tolkalina, Yana Troyanova, Aristarkh Venes, Ilya Safronov, Daria Pynzar, Dominika Jokera, Nikita Presnyakova, Olga Mashnoy (11 season), Vitaly Gogunsky (11 season).
The heroes are new, but the show experts have not changed for five years now. Psychologist, criminalist, palmist, fortune teller, magician and shaman do not know who is in the secret room, but at the end of the program they call the name of the star.

The original format of the show was sold by AVK production in the USA, Spain, France, Denmark, England and Ireland. 

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The general producer of the film company "AVK production" Elena Kotunova celebrates her Birthday today.

Graduated from the Journalism Faculty of the Kazakh State University named after Al-Farabi. On television since 1986. From 2005 to 2009 - the director of production of LEAN-M, took part in the creation of more than 30 projects for Russian federal TV channels. Since 2009 - the founder and producer of the company "AVK production". 

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The show "Invisible Man" was visited by the most controversial figure in the show business - Olga Buzova. The girl came to find out how to live on. Our experts saw the past, present and future of the TV presenter.
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On the air of


On the air of "TVC" channel romantic comedy "Only serious relationship". The story of a young man who liked to spend time in clubs with models. His rich father tried to force his son to take his mind up and marry, but all was unsuccessful. And then one day in the life of the hero appeared "fatty" Maroussia ...
Details of the story, photos and actors, please look up here:


On TV-3 channel our show "Invisible Man". In the secret room, the famous TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. The girl listened to the experts very attentively and even burst into tears at the end of the program. Lera admitted that she did not expect such accuracy from our specialists.
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During the show "Invisible Man" air, a magical duel took place. Guest  Alexander Litvin is the winner of the famous show about people with extrasensory abilities. He decided to test the experts, but our experts learned the secrets of the hero.
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