The show "Invisible Man" was visited by the most controversial figure in the show business - Olga Buzova. The girl came to find out how to live on. Our experts saw the past, present and future of the TV presenter.
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On the air of


On the air of "TVC" channel romantic comedy "Only serious relationship". The story of a young man who liked to spend time in clubs with models. His rich father tried to force his son to take his mind up and marry, but all was unsuccessful. And then one day in the life of the hero appeared "fatty" Maroussia ...
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On TV-3 channel our show "Invisible Man". In the secret room, the famous TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. The girl listened to the experts very attentively and even burst into tears at the end of the program. Lera admitted that she did not expect such accuracy from our specialists.
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During the show "Invisible Man" air, a magical duel took place. Guest  Alexander Litvin is the winner of the famous show about people with extrasensory abilities. He decided to test the experts, but our experts learned the secrets of the hero.
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Our series "Portrait of a Beloved" on air at TVC channel. According to the story, two sisters fall in love with one young man. The guy chooses the most beautiful sister and is going to marry her. But there is a tragedy that changes all plans...
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In the secret room of the show


In the secret room of the show "Invisible Man" is the famous actor Emmanuel Vitorgan. The star of Soviet cinema had already turned to psychics when he had health problems. Our experts had saw this, as well as the fact that the hero wanted to commit suicide.
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Our four-part film


Our four-part film "Pearl Wedding" on air at the TVC channel. The story of a close-knit family of Chaikins who have lived together for more than 30 years. During the family celebration it turns out that the spouse has a secret that threatened marriage...
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The show


The show "Invisible Man" on air at "TV-3" channel. The guest in the studio is ex-politician Irina Khakamada. A strong woman misled our experts: they felt the male energy and samurai's calmness. However, after a while, the specialists realized that they had an "iron lady" in front of them.
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The shooting of our film


The shooting of our film "Parisian" has started. Two-series melodrama will be shown on "TVC" channel. The main character returns to Russia from France, where she had lived for more than 10 years. She needs to find a husband in her hometown, to get a huge inheritance.
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Experts of the show "Invisible Man" unpleasantly surprised the guest of the show. They foretold the separation from her husband and a new marriage to the star of the 90's Tatiana Bulanova. The singer decided to listen to the advice of our experts. 
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Dmitry Malikov - the new guest of the show


Dmitry Malikov - the new guest of the show "Invisible Man". At first, the singer listened to the experts' conclusions with mild irony. But then the star, admitted that he was struck by the accuracy of the definitions of his creative nature. 
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On the TVC channel our film


On the TVC channel our film "Where does Nadejda lives?" was showed. Mother and daughter live a solitary life of wealthy and single women. One day a mother finds a letter in her the deceased son's office and finds out that somewhere her granddaughter growing up. Director Oleg Shtrom. 
More details about the film: http://avk-tv.com/gde_zhivet_nadejda.html


In the secret room, the popular actress Svetlana Permyakova. The star of humorous series did not want to talk about her private life. But the experts of the show "Invisible Man" still reminded her of past mistakes. 
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The experts of the show "Invisible Man" described in great detail the character of the star in a secret room. Film director Yegor Konchalovsky admitted that he can not sobered down in any way and is afraid of a stamp in his passport. 
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We have start the shooting of the 2-episodes film "Season of Landings". This detective story we are shooting specifically for the TVC channel. The main character works as an editor of detective stories in the publishing house. Also a woman likes to spend time at the country house, working in garden. Once in her village mysterious incidents began to occur. Vera decides to find out what is going on. The director is Ilya Malkin.

On the TVC channel our TV-series


On the TVC channel our TV-series "More than a doctor" was showed. This story is about a wonderful district doctor, who is worshiped by patients. But at home, everything is not so smooth - the relationship with the spouse gives a break. But the main character finds the strength to live on. Directed by Kira Angelina. 
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Actor Vyacheslav Razbegaev flatly refused to provide his fingerprints to the one of our specialists. But the experts of the show "Invisible Man" and without them were able to find out what the well-known actor was hiding. Their opinions were divided, some called him a romantic, others - a hooligan. 
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The author of the serial “Red Bracelets” wishs the good luck to the Russian team.


The author of the serial “Red Bracelets” wishs the good luck to the Russian team.

"It's important to understand and show respect for cancer, for me this series about fighting cancer and friendship" - Alberto Espinosa, script writer and creator of the Spanish series "Red Bracelets".
The companies "FILM.UA" and "AVK production" filmed a Russian version of this popular series about teenagers.
Before the air of the series on the "First Channel" Alberto Espinoza wrote a few farewell words to the Russian team:
"I'm sure that your version of the series "Red Bracelets" will be incredibly successful. After all, it turned out to be very beautiful. Russian actors will necessarily become stars, just as it happened in Germany and Italy. I consulted directors from these countries. In Germany, as indeed in Italy, the series has become even more popular than in Spain. The secret of success, it seems to me, is also that the viewer knew before the show began that the film was based on real events from my life. That's why people looked at it differently, and the story told in it penetrated right into the heart. I think we need to understand and show respect for the disease, for me this series is about fighting cancer and about friendship ... And I'm very glad that my book "The Yellow World" (I wrote the script and created the series based on it) this year it will be published in Russian. Good luck, friends! ".
Writer and screenwriter Alberto Espinosa was a child with cancer desies and spent a long time in the hospital. Due to illness, he lost his leg, parts of the lung and liver. Surprisingly, this time Alberto remembers, not as years of suffering, but as years of happiness. And he says that it was then that he realized what real friendship and love are. Its history was adapted in 9 countries of the world. In America, the producer of the "Red Bracelets" was Steven Spielberg. Creating a Russian version of the series "Red Bracelets", the company "FILM.UA" and "AVK Production" closely collaborated with the author of the film Alberto Espinoza and director Pao Freis.
"Red bracelets" were included in the list of the most anticipated prime-minister of the domestic television season 2016-2017. Director of the picture: Natalya Meshchaninova ("Combine of Hope"), with the participation of Sergei Sentsov ("Fizruk"). Producers of the series: Victor Mirsky ("FILM.UA"), Olga Volodina, Elena Kotunova ("AVK production")

Our TV series


Our TV series "Kommunalka" has been aired on TVC channel. This story is about an attractive forty-years-old woman. She had everything: a good house, a wealthy husband and a beloved son. Suddenly, her idyll collapses. A woman finds herself in a communal apartment, but here she finds her new happiness. Director: Anario Mamedov. 
More about the movie: http://avk-tv.com/kommunalka.html

In the secret room, the actress of humorous show Ekaterina Barnabas.


In the secret room, the actress of humorous show Ekaterina Barnabas. The experts of the program "Invisible Man" saw in every detail hers ascent to the starry Olympus. They opened all the dark sides of the star. 
More information about the transfer: http://avk-tv.com/nevidimka.html

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