The shootings 4-series melodrama


The shootings 4-series melodrama "Pearl Wedding". The husband and wife lived in a happy marriage for 30 years. They have three daughters. Everything has changed at that moment, when the head of the family met his first love...

Experts of show


Experts of show "The Invisible Man" were shocked when looked in the past of the guest of program. The star of 90s - Roman Zhukov survived the tragic death of a child...

Retro-season program


Retro-season program "The Invisible Man" continues. Popular singer of 90s - Victor Saltykov still offended by his ex-wife. For experts the show was not difficult to discover the secret to viewers.

Premiere 4-series melodrama


Premiere 4-series melodrama "Where lives Nadejda?" on TV channel "TVC". Mother and daughter live measured life of single women. Their familiar world collapses when the mother is in the office late son Nicholas a letter ... So a woman finds out that somewhere her granddaughter grows. Director: Oleg Strom. Starring: Evgenia Dmitrieva, Larisa Udovichenko, Sergei Dorogov, Alexander Makogon, Veronica Lysakova, Alexey Demidov. 

The guest of the show


The guest of the show "The Invisible Man" became Irina Saltykov. The star of stage of 90s will worry whether the experts can guess who has hurt her so much?


The shootings of 4-series melodrama - "The portrait of beloved" has started. The couple happily married for 30 years. Everything changes when the head of a family meets his first love Writer: Alexander Drugov. Director: Kira Angelina. Cast: Alexei Demidov, Marina Pravkina, Elena Safonova, Igor Bochkin, Lubov Sokolinskaya and others.

The 9th season of the popular show


The 9th season of the popular show "The Invisible Man" began broadcasting. This season will take part retro stars of Russian show business. The first guest - Aziz - burst into tears in the studio. Experts told the show, what sorrow has befallen her family.

Happy Birthday to the general director of «AVK production» - Olga Volodina.


Happy Birthday to the general director of «AVK production» - Olga Volodina.

The most important


The most important "Jag-Jag" country - singer Katya Lel visits the Evelyn Bledans' show the "The Invisible Man"

The Birthday of the company “AVK production”. It was founded in 2009, by the producers Olga Volodina and Elena Kotunova.


The Birthday of the company “AVK production”. It was founded in 2009, by the producers Olga Volodina and Elena Kotunova. During the seven years of its operation, the company has released dozens of movies, TV series, TV programs and documentaries. All of them were aired on federal channels: "First", "Russia", "CTC", "TVC", and others. And very soon it will be released the most anticipated premiere of 2016 and loud premier of the television season - "Red Bracelets". Spanish TV series was adapted in 9 countries of the world, in the USA producer of the "Red Bracelets" was Steven Spielberg. The director of the Russian version - Natalia Meshchaninova ("Combinat the hope"), with the participation of Sergei Sentsov ("Fizruk").

The actor Vladimir Dolinsky came to the studio of the program


The actor Vladimir Dolinsky came to the studio of the program "The Invisible Man". The star of the "Pub the 13 chairs", the honored artist of Russia, was wondering if extrasenses can reveal the secret of his criminal past, and discover what he has a favorite toy?


The casting for the four-part film called "Gin" has started. Despite the fairy-tale name, it is not a fairy tale, but a sad story with a good ending. Scriptwriter - Natalia Zakharova, director - Andrey Selivanov.


On the day of laughter, the guest of Evelyn Bledans and the program "The Invisible Man" will be the star of the KVN and the "Interns" TV series - actress Svetlana Permyakova. Will be the experts able to find out what prevents the star of comedy to build the privacy life?


This Friday the guest of revelations' show "The Invisible Man" will become one of the most beautiful women in the Soviet Union, the TV presenter and actress Tatyana Vedeneyeva. What does the famous "Aunt Tanya" hide from her young fans for the whole life?


Filming of the ninth season of the show "The Invisible Man" is finished. Thanks to everybody!


In the studio of program "The Invisible Man" - a wonderful theater and film actor Valery Garkalin. Who of experts manage to solve the mystery guest?


The audition a four-series film in the genre of melodrama, "Pearl wedding" began. Director - Oleg Strom.


The shooting of the ninth season of the TV show "The Invisible Man" began in the Glavkino pavilion. The guests of the program were the actors: Dmitriy Marjanov Artem Mikhalkov, TV presenter Olga Shelest, singer Aziza, Irina Saltykova and Olga Orlova, composer and singer Arkady Ukupnik and singers Viktor Saltykov and Avraam Russo.


Criminalist, magician, fortune teller, a psychologist, a palmist and shaman are continue to reveal the innermost secrets of the invisible guest. This evening in the "Invisible Man" - the singer who is missing on TV for a long time - Linda. What is new, we learn about it?


Today, in the secret room of the show "The Invisible Man" - actress Ekaterina Volkova-Limonov. What made the actress to cry right on show?

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