The filming of a new comedy project


The filming of a new comedy project "Moonshiners" has started, that is filmed by "AVK's production" for EPIC MEDIA.
Anya works as the main technologist at a local factory , where she fights for the quality 
of products. The girl creates an experimental batch of unique vodka. However, praises are a guide 
to dismissal and a fine of one million rubles. The main character does not lose heart and comes up with a plan that should save her... 
Director: Anario Mamedov.


AVK production has started filming the 10-episode comedy series "Five Plus". The film was directed by Dina Shturmanova. She has several comedy projects behind the back, among them "Interns", "Heat", "Bartender" and others. According to the script of the film, a young couple decides to get married without the help of their parents. Olga and Anton are planning to sub-rent two rooms in their Stalinist three-bed apartments, so they can raise money for the upcoming celebration. On social media, they post an ad and start picking new neighbors. Olga and Anton do not suspect that the new tenants will test their relationship for strength.

The premiere of the psychological drama


The premiere of the psychological drama "Without Witnesses" took place on the official YouTube channel Epic media. This is a Russian adaptation of the popular Israeli TV series “BE TIPUL”. However, it is better known to the general public for the famous American version of the HBO channel, where Gabriel Byrne played the role of a psychotherapist. Recently it became known that HBO is preparing a "reboot" of its project. What will the 4th season look like, after 10 years, you can read here: https://deadline.com/2020/07/hbo-developing-reboot-in-treatment-1202988520/

Russian Internet users have access to two seasons of domestic production at once. For the first time the series "Without witnesses" was shown in 2012. Plot details, names of star artists check here: http://avk-tv.com/e_svideteli.html

AVK production has started filming the sequel to the detective story


AVK production has started filming the sequel to the detective story "Women's Version" for the TVC channel. Season 3 will give the viewer new exciting chases, as well as new main characters and, of course, will retain the leitmotif of the two storylines. Some crime investigations take place in 2020, others - in the 80s of the last century. Tanya, the granddaughter of the legendary Soviet investigator, decided to follow in her grandfather's footsteps. The main character joined the Criminal Investigation Department. The girl becomes the best employee of the unit largely thanks to the archive kept in Soviet times by her grandfather, Major Vasiliev.
More about the series: http://avk-tv.com/e_dedushkina-vnuchka.html​

Our detective


Our detective "The Forgotten Crime" aiered on TV Center channel. The main character of the film, a policeman, after being wounded, loses his memory and goes to the hospital. His brother visits to him and asks for help to search for his wife. Having started his own investigation, the young man realizes that all the evidence points to his involvement in this crime.
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists: http://avk-tv.com/e_zabitoe.html​

On the TVC channel, our lyrical comedy “Wind of Changes” was the aired.


Our lyrical comedy "The Wind of Change" was on the air of the TVC channel. The heroine raised her son by herself, because the father of her son  left her, when she was pregnant. Years after the young man receives a message that his dad is died and he needs to go to the funeral. 
He goes to another city to say goodbye and there he learns that his parent has not died at all...
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists: http://avk-tv.com/e_veter.html​


The detective "Fatal sms" aired on TV Center. The main character has everything: her beloved husband and work, the boss is a childhood friend. But one day Olga's familiar world collapses. 
A young woman is accused of killing her boss ...
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists: http://avk-tv.com/e_sms.html


On the air of Domashny TV channel our melodrama "My another's daughter" was shown. The main character of this movie story is happily married and expecting a child. Suddenly, Anna's life changes dramatically - her husband, the owner of an antique store, dies, and she loses her baby amid stress. The main character goes to an orphanage to give away toys, where she meets a little girl Galya and decides to adopt her. The joy of this meeting was not long, Anya learns that her husband was engaged in illegal transactions and his death was not accidental. Now Anya and little Gala are in danger...

The detective melodrama


The detective melodrama "Scar" was aired on the TV Center TV channel. The provincial girl Anya has been living with guilt for many years. Fourteen years ago, she was a nanny for a two-year-old kid who was kidnapped at her eyes. The girl was unable to stop the criminals and help the investigation. However, years later, the main character has a chance to unravel this crime ...
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists: http://avk-tv.com/e_foto-shram.html​

The online premiere of our documentary series


The online premiere of our documentary series "This is Me" - the last completed project of Alexander Rastorguev - took place on the START platform.

Reality, where eight women film themselves and their daily lives. The degree of candor is off scale. The heroines of the project never turn off the camera. The "rec" button works when they are dumped, fired, hurt, sick, have children, or get married. Each has its own purpose.
"This's me!" - experiment with an open ending. Neither the heroines nor the creators know how these stories will end, since their author is life itself...

More about the project please check here% http://avk-tv.com/e_etoya.html 

The premiere of the 4-episodes action-packed melodrama


The premiere of the 4-episodes action-packed melodrama "Blind Turn" filmed by "AVK production" for Domashny TV channel. It will broadcast a film story about the Romanov family. Alisa and Vitaly live happily, have a son, and have owned a successful stunt agency for 10 years. But overnight this idyll collapses... The main character learns that her husband's death was arranged...
Plot details, names of star artists please checj here: http://avk-tv.com/e_slepoi-povorot.html​

Our melodrama


Our melodrama "Only serious relationship" won in the 100% hit categories according to the Kinofabrika portal, beating other films. More than 12 million viewers watched the film on the Youtube channel. The painting received over 13 thousand positive reviews.
Tatiana Molostnova
"I can't even believe that there can even be such good films." The film is just 100 points "
Elena Tsvetkova
"This is my third time watching ??!"
Vladimir Firsov
"Girls, learn how to spell the sneakers under))))"
Tatiana Tat
“Great movie. No vulgarity and scuffle. A wonderful fairy tale! Thanks to the screenwriter, director, actors... "
Svetlana Gorshkova
“Oh, this Bondarenko !! Well, everyone is good! "
Mila Kumreva
"Sergei Chonishvili has a voice from God !!!"

More details: YouTube

Evgenia Akhremenko, actress, leading role in our action melodrama


Evgenia Akhremenko, actress, leading role in our action melodrama "Blind Turn":
"My first thought when I read the script: I want! I want! I want to play Alice, I want this role, I know how to play it, I can! I have waited too long for just such a role. I think Alice is like me. First of all, there was also an episode in my life when my world collapsed, and I had to start all over again... My beloved person, whom I considered a support, was not near, at the same moment my mother passed away and I was left alone with two little ones just like my heroine Alice, at first I felt despair, fear, felt sorry for myself, but at some point I realized that this road to nowhere and began to pump up my "spiritual muscles", to realize a lot in a different way.
And secondly, I love an active lifestyle: I love dancing, fighting, boxing! And my heroine is a stuntman! I immediately agreed to perform all the tricks, there were no other options for me, I began to study staged tricks. It turned out to be incredibly interesting. But, I confess, it was difficult for me, as a person with a small amount of patience. The stunt director showed me a trick, and I thought to myself: now I will repeat everything in one second! And imagine, it did not work! I had to seriously prepare, but everything worked out great, I think the viewer will appreciate it. Of course, everything depends on the team and a lot on the personality of the director, because he is the center of attraction for the entire creative group. Kira (approx. Director Kira Angelina) is not just a wonderful director, but also a very good person. Working with her is happiness! On the site I was very lucky with my partners: Alexei Matoshin, Denis Matrosov, Konstantin Adaev. I felt like a happy woman and actress, because these are three absolute gentlemen. In general, the entire film crew - only light and love! I miss and send a request to the Universe to send me another project with them!
It seems to me that this film has a global message for all viewers: it is never too late to start all over again, no matter how old you are, and whatever happens. The universe does not give trials that would be beyond our strength. Therefore, you need to accept difficult situations, with calmness, confidence, and most importantly - with the belief that everything is fixable. "
Evgenia Akhremenko, graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles (master of the course Anthony Hopkins), the actress played one of the main roles in the HBO project in the film "Border".
More about the film "Blind Turn": http://avk-tv.com/e_slepoi-povorot.html​

We have started the preparation of the filming of the new season of the detective series


We have started the preparation of the filming of the new season of the detective series "Female Version". Tanya, along with her partners Ivan and Nikita, continue to investigate the capital's most intricate crimes. And the cases that Tanin's grandfather, a famous Moscow investigator, conducted in Soviet times, help his partners to take the right track and catch the criminals.
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists please check here: http://avk-tv.com/e_taina-pereulka.html​

Our melodrama


Our melodrama "Portrait of a Beloved" was aired on the TV Center  channel. This film is about two sisters who fell in love with one young man, and he chose the most beautiful of the girls. But on the eve of the wedding, tragedy occurs, the hero is confined to a wheelchair and the bride leaves the groom...
See details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the stars: http://avk-tv.com/e_portret.html​

Our melodrama


Our melodrama "How to get your husband back in thirty days" will air on TV Center channel. The main character is in despair: in 30 days there will be a divorce from her husband traitor, and her only daughter decided to stay with her father. Lena goes to the balcony to commit suicide. But her plans are interrupted by a neighbor who has come from nowhere...
More details here: http://avk-tv.com/e_husband.html​

Our adaptation of the Israeli TV series


Our adaptation of the Israeli TV series "BETIPUL" ("In Treatment") - "Without witnesses" was shown on the air of the TV channel 360. By the way in addition to the Russian version of the film, adaptations were made in the USA (HBO), Canada, Argentina, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries. Psychotherapist Tatyana Dubrovina makes people rethink their “I” and their relationship with the world. Each episode exactly corresponds to a specific day of the week on which a specific patient comes to the psychologist.
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists see here: http://avk-tv.com/e_svideteli.html​

Our melodrama


Our melodrama "Parisian" was aired on the TV Center channel. After the death of her husband, the main character returns from Paris to her hometown. Guillaume bequeathed his entire fortune to her, but on one condition: within a year Tatiana should marry a Russian...
More setails see here: http://avk-tv.com/e_parizhanka.html​

Our detective melodrama


Our detective melodrama "Landing Season" aired on the TV Center TV. This picture is about a young woman who works as an editor of detective novels at a publishing house. While her friends are having resort romances, Vera weeds the beds in her country house. But her plans to quietly plant zucchini were not destined to come true. In the village, a neighbor dies under strange circumstances.
Details of the plot, photos from the set, the names of the star artists: http://avk-tv.com/e_sezon.html​

Friends, here comes the new 2020th year!


Friends, here comes the new 2020th year! We wish the next decade for our viewers, associates, friends and colleagues, to be happy, joyful and prosperous! We thank everyone who was with us in the past year! During this time, we shot the continuation of our now 16-serial detective "Female Version", and also released three melodramatic mini-series. But the most important experience in 2019 we got on the set of a full meter, we still can’t reveal the secret about what the movie is about, but we’ll hint that this will be a thriller with elements of science fiction. We are looking forward to the premiere of this unique project on the big screen. We can assure you that in Russia nothing of the kind has been filmed yet. Our company has many plans ahead, for example, now we are working on the creation of two comedy series, which will be released next year on the country's largest entertainment Internet platforms. For one of them we has already shot a pilot version, which was highly appreciated by our partners. So we continue to work, generate new ideas for movies and even web series. We promise in the coming new year to surprise and delight you with an interesting movie!

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